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February 10, 2009



She is so cute!!! I love her dress sense especially the coat and hat in the snack photo

Jen N.

What a lucky little girl!!


what a character!


she is so adorable! My daughter, Isabelle has the same little yellow birdie shirt. I love it. My mom got it for her b/c she loves the children's book "Where's Goldie?" It is a little golden book and is so cute! I might scan the pics and put up on my blog:)


a very busy morning indeed!


hehe, what a lovely, if busy, morning! Ours has consisted of sad sick baby cuddling with sick mama, both of which are trying to stay in the backroom to avoid contact with extremely sad and sick dada.(pneumonia)
man, i would be a happy girl if I never had to have this morning again! although the cuddling is nice. :)
Little Y is adorable. :)


wow, sounds exhausting. If only I could have a day like that!

She sure looks like Mick by the way. :)


That simply cannot be the same little muffin! She's so big. And looking like quite a little girl rather than the baby I remember seeing. What a beautiful and happy baby--a blessing for all when they are that way, low-shelf lotions and all.


Just gotta say how adorable this is! My kids are way past this stage and I sure miss it! Love it! Have a great day!


The little glimpses of the blue play room look so bright and inspiring. Oh how I hope I can manage something like that some day, she looks so happy in it!


Oh lovely! We have "Beebees" in our house too. I love that welsh dresser affair she's got - fabulous :)


oh my she has grown-- wow----perfect time for another babe
much love carrie

Laura Reaux

She looks like she has amazingly fun mornings all to herself. She is too cute for words! Love the pig tails.


she is adorable Em!!! Love all the stuff she plays with - looks like a lot of fun! We too have a mirror wall and the kids jump on our bed too.


argh, she makes me yearn! look at her little trackies!!!! Can you save that yellow bird shirt incase one day i have a girl hehe. give her a big smooch from us!

Heather H.

She is just so darn cute!!!


she is so stinkin' cute! and i love how colorful every single one of those outfits are. the shot with her "BEEBEE" is my absolute fav because of those purple tights!


this is such a beautiful post em & i love how you have captured a typical morning for yindi, not only in photos but words too..she looks so happy & cheeky, 100% adorable !!!!


I opened this and marveled at your new header, which I LOVE...

and then all sorts of beautiful, sweet, perfection of a tomboy little girl... you just made my heart smile.

So glad you're not stopping at two... there's just way too much fun to be had at your house to limit the babes!

Lady Dorothy

Playing is very serious business, you know! She is too cute!

Carrie H.

OMG she looks so grown-up all of a sudden!!! Man how time flies!!!


How sweet!! Was thinking of you with everything going on in your home country... hope everyone is safe and well. :)


How grown up she is. What fun days she has.

Alison Gibbs

Oh what a fun time she is having

Amy M.

She is so adorable! Kids are a lot of fun aren't they? Just love these pictures.

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