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February 08, 2009



wow, those are amazing, inspiring, fantastic !! i love them all (:

rachel whetzel

Hey!! My mommy's up there!!

Chiara / Tobina

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW! I'm the 23th!!!!!! :D

Emily... maybe a day we'll meet... one day, some day... I hope!



They look amazing together.!


I have my cards in my blog if you want to se... //Ida from Sweden

Heather V

Weee....I am number 14!! They are all amazing together....all so very different but the same. I love them all!

I am really drawn into this little project. Thank you so much for it.

jill s

i love that collection. it's gorgeous!


This is one of the best things I've done for myself. Thank YOU for thinking of this idea and encouraging me. Displaying all the different pieces like you've done here is really amazing. Just like real art. Just like real artists. Well, it is REAL and we are REAL artists. I haven't posted any of my 'weeks' yet but do plan to. Love all the thought-provoking questions you are posing. My wish? I wish you could/would post on Sunday rather than on mid-day Monday. The week begins on Sunday and it's a day of non-work for so many of us and a good day to spend scrapping. Pleeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzeeeeeeeee, Please, Pretty Please????? Thanks again!


What a great way to be connected to all of you around the world! Love it so so much. Feels like I'v got lots of new friends :)


You are the best momma bird!


Oh! I'm N°18!So happy to see that you have chosen one of mine! Big thanks!!! ^_^


Your new blog topper is adorable! I want a bike like that. I want to live near the beach too!


What a neat idea! My daughter called to tell me that we are both in this. Thanks for making our day :D (#2 & #19)


I'm having lots of fun with this! Thank you so much for doing these weekly prompts.


i just ran across your blog tonight and enjoyed looking around so much. Your blog is inspiring and i enjoyed all the art, colors and style.
thanks for sharing


my word! this is amazing!


this is great thank you, i'm number 1 :) i look forward to every week and I'm hoping i get to keep up to date with it :)

**sigh** wish i lived so close to the beach :) xx

Marcia Hamelijnck

Oh thanks for puting some of my 52Q's in your mosaic! I was so surprised when I checked your blog! I'm going to start on the question for this week tonight. I'm really enjoying this series.
And I love your new blog banner. What an awesome picture!

Marcia from The Netherlands

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