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March 09, 2009



oooh youre good you know!?HA!
You inspire me more than any of them.


Accross the Universe is one of the best movies for getting me in the mood to make stuff. Highly recommended!


I just found this challenge, i must hop on!


I loved penelope...thanks so much for telling us about that one and vicky christina barcelona....LOVED IT LOVED IT LOVED IT and now I want just a day with Javier all to myself !!!

Sherri P eh

Ooooh, not one but five Emily! I'm donning my thinking cap for this one! Hmmmmmm! You know, I check your blog daily, but on question day, I'm back here much much more! I am so enjoying not only the creative process but the sharing, and the encouraging and supportive feedback from everyone. It's such a delight to be there, to be a part of this inspiring group that you've brought together! Thank you!


Oh, do tell how you did the front of your tag! It's gorgeous. :)

ALicia K N

I don't play in the challenge.......not feeling crafty lately :(

But I just wanted to say that I absolutely adore Monsoon Wedding and It's so nice to hear of another fan :)

1. Mostly Martha
2. Amelie
3. Chocolat
4. Dark Crystal, random, but it makes me feel crafty, all those puppets
5. Sense and Sensibility



I'm totally enjoying playing along with 52Q. I Love The Darjeeling Limited, and Moulin Rouge. The rest I'll have to check out.
Some more to think about (I get started and can't stop at 5):
1. Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium
2. Last Holiday
3. Meet the Robinson's
4. Across the Universe
5. August Rush
6. Bucket List
7. Pride and Prejudice (the version with that blonde chick)
8. Stardust


I think these questions are just getting harder and harder. You want me to choose 5? At least you didn't say top 5, cause I think I could agonize over that for weeks, haha.

I loved your list. Very classy, very beautiful and inspiring, although I haven't seen Monsoon Wedding. Also, if I make a montage and put it to music, can your artwork be one of my movies? It's always inspiring, haha.

Thanks for the food for thought!


The Monsoon Wedding soundtrack is one that I scrap to constantly. If you don't have the soundtrack, I recommend it!

Victoria Spencer

Oooh, Chocolat and Sense & Sensibility are two of my faves....Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is so creative and I love the writing in Shakespeare in Love.


Oh love this one!!

I got mine done and posted to my blog with a bunch of pictures of it.

Take a peak.


chantele cross

Emily you are a genius. this is the best question so far, as i am a huge huge film buff. You have no idea how hard its going to be to get this down to just 5 films though i could list loads that inspire me. have to think really hard for which are most deserving.

Thanks for the awsome question this week


I'm glad I stopped by! There are so many neat movies listed. I'm going to be making a trip to the video store! I love August Rush, the music is just fantastic.


ooooooooooooh--♥FAB♥ question! excellent answers, as well, actually; i could probably have just said "ditto"...but i made my own list anyway. :) thanks!!!

Karalenn (aka Penelope Crackers) :)

"Penelope" is one of mine as well. I dreamt in her room colors and decorations for weeks after wards and made plans for making a huge tree in my little Penelope's room.


Latcho Drom


This is a toughy as I love so many movies !!
(not in any order)

1) BRASSED OFF - My favourite music - a big old brass band, childhood memories, britishness, social history, real-life

2) HOTEL RWANDA - simply jaw dropping - makes me crave the simple life and help more and be eternally grateful

3) EVER AFTER - I LOVE it !! the romance, the chivalry, the period setting, there's something about knights and sword fights & I watched it everyday i was sick having my baby boy

Wow - this is harder than I thought !! I guess favourites aren't always inspiring just entertaining LOL

4) BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM (ROFL) - for the clashes of cultures - the eclectic mis of britishness and indian colourful celebrations !!

5) PERSUASION - (the one with Rupert Penry-Jones in) - the rollercoaster of emotions is amazing . Love, Loss, Grief, Fear, Obedience, Defiance - everything

I'm guessing there are many more but I can't think right now xx


Em, I saw this and thought of you and your list

Elle xx


on the lines of Darjeeling Limited (wonder if they'd paint those too LOL)

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