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March 30, 2009


Jodi Ulschmid

So I was a poor college kid at the time and I thought I would save some cash and just get a box dye and was hoping to be a beautiful brunette. My original color was kind of a dirty blonde shade. So after being so excited and rinsing and drying my hair, here I had bright orange and moss green!!! Not at all what I was planning on! So in the next couple of days I had a professional try and fix it and the orange wasn't quite as bright but the green turned to grey! Lets say I wore a lot of messy pony tails for that month. Thank goodness my hair grows fast and no more box dyes for me. At least my friends got a good laugh! :)


hi!!! i just arrive home.. and i'm very sad :( you all miss me!!! i hope to see you soon!!!

love, paLLina

Sherri P eh

You rock Emily! You're in the middle of a fabulous European vacation and you post this week's question! Merci beaucoup beaucoup beaucoup! It looks like you're having a wonderful time! Hope you have more of the same in England!

jodi lynn

Your blog is just too fantastic...it has such a cool air to it. I always check to see your new postings and just love em all! You bring me peace- thanks!
(i am in denver colorado....we are freezing and it snowed again this am)


I have really curly hair, so I have to have a black girl do it or it's a mess! Usually it get sut where they want the length to be and it curls up to look like a sheep has nested on my head. But this past Saturday I got the best cut of my life! Thanks, Andi, you're a queen. Color change from a fellow curlie haired girl on Thursday. Wish me luck.

sasha farina

OMG... OMG!!! this is embrassing hey.. hahahahha


you mean we only get to pick one worst hairstyle? i have a whole series!


This may sound funny, but one of the best hairstyle experiences I had was wearing a cyclamen coloured bobbed hair style wig for a '70-ies discoparty for one night. It made me totally irrecognizable and the colour made my (green) eyes stand out like mad.

If I were able to have my hear that colour and have it stay shiney and healthy, I would be a cyclamen now instead of a brunette. Instead I try to get my pepper and salt the warmest sunkissed brunette I can lay my hands on.


Oh gosh...it is a toss up between the afro or the time a fellow nurse tried to put streaks in my hair and and I ended up blonde with the exception of one small spot of brown hair left on the side of my head that looked a bird had pooped on me!
Thanks for making me laugh!


Ok got mine posted to my blog with my "experience". This is too fun!

Come check it out.


Oh, I might have burned all of those photos. I was 11 or 12 and wanted some feathered thingy that I found in one of those books they have at the salons. Looked cool on the girl in the photo. Unfortunately, it looked ABSURD on me. Terrible. Seriously. I couldn't style my own hair then, and I can't now. The top layers of my hair were all oh, 3-7 cm in length, but the rest was LONG. WEIRD WEIRD WEIRD. So traumatic. Totally wish I'd just had blue hair. Hah!

Leanne Love

Oh my, I used to have a flat top, the sides were black and the top was pink, only in the 80's could you get away with something like that LOL. The next scarriest would have been my 80's perm (really curly and very BIG)
How funny.......


Looks like you're having wonderful vacations :)
Thanks for posting new question!

Hihi ;) I had my hair dyed on the colour of the eggplant and wanted to make them nice blond on New Year's Eve.
After decolourazing and dyeing it blond they turned.... orange as a carrot! Even hairdresser couldn't help me and I had to be red-head for something like 6 months ;)

kristen Van Dyke

oh, wow, em. I've completely fallen off doing the cards (especially with New Baby! eee!) but I'll post a photo for you for this one, on my blog. My mother said she would have passed me on the street and not known who I was...

yes, it's that bad.


Are you going to post a picture of yours? I've seen them! LOL!


good laugh, eh?! HA! i've totally got this one covered. i'll see your purple-streaked locks, my lady, and raise you one DOROTHY HAMILL bob in the most horrible shade of orangey-auburn miss clairol ever devised.

so there. :)


I had a perm that burned me because the lady was busy complaining about her boyfriend. When she took it out it was real tight, I had burned off bangs and I looked like a poodle gone bad!

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