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March 02, 2009



ooh, this is a good one. I keep forgetting to share mine outside of my blog, oh well, thanks for the challenges!


What great ideas you have em!

Alison Gibbs

Great question!!


i want to hear what your last brave thing was!


i rode a scooter (clutch and all!)

i posted a little sumptin' sumptin' about my cute 'teach peace' print. hope you don't mind!


Love this one - bravery indeed. Sometimes I feel like I'm just brave by getting up in the morning. Yes.


What a great prompt!
Have done mine - on flickr - & will post on my blog also
Have a great week everybody!!


I am lovin' this 52Q project.
You made me think with this one.
Thank you for posting the prompts each week!
I look forward to Monday.


I spoke up last week on unsanitary practices, that I as a customer had witnessed, at a local restaurant. (normally, i'm a very laid back, go with the flow, takes a lot to rile up - kinda girl)

Pat O'Neil

My daughter, Beth shared this site with me and got me all excited about the 52Q. The ones she has are wonderful and I've just started mine. I'm getting up to date and will catch up with everyone soon. Thanks so much for opening up my mind with a little creativity.............


Ok Em, I got mine done and posted pictures to my blog. My brave act is posting my art journal pages and starting a series on how I do those pages for the whole world to see on my blog. This is huge for me but good too. Take a peak.


Laura Reaux

Good question. Beautiful tag. Don't forget to share? How about don't forget to keep up? I've only done the first 2 so far! :::grumble:::


ok I posted mine on flickr and also my blog www.glooart.com

fun! Thanks em!


when it comes to BRAVE, i am not so much...but...when it comes to having fun doing this...and at last being CAUGHT UP, i am totally! http://llaurenb.blogspot.com/

Wendy Barkess

Have just read today's Q. Never thought of movies that way but that's why your Q's inspire me - to think laterally! I live in Edinburgh and spent my weekend doing 2 great hikes, so am ready to relax my body and indulge my creativity today.

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