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March 12, 2009



Ivy its BEAUTIFUL! I especially like the frog and the sweet little rabbit... and the circle of stones. We are working on our Autumn table right now


Cute, Cute, Cute, Ivy the table is just so beautiful, and Em you deserve the rest, enjoy!!


oh my...that made me cry....what a gorgeous fam you have!!!!! Rxx


My son wore thrifted wellies everyday for the longest time. I tried to get rid of them several times because they were soooo stinky! The last time I hid them in the basement, readying them for the garbage. They were really far gone, he found them, brought them upstairs and said with a tilted head, "Can you believe these were near the trash? I can't believe they almost got thrown away!" Needless to say, he wore them until they fell apart on his feet. It was way easier to surrender, I am so glad I did...I love the lessons motherhood teaches us!


Ivy - Granni LOVES your spring nature table - it is so BEAUTIFUL & you are very clever to have made it. I have baby pumpkins growing in the garden & maybe can make an autumn table when they are ready ! lots of love xxxxxxx


Ivy, I think your nature table is lovely! It's time to set up our own again at home. The last time it temporarely got switched to being a letter G-table because that is what my daughter Arendje (her name translates as Little Eagle and she is almost 6) does at school so we had gold and green and giraffe etc and some words that start with a G in Dutch but not in English.


dear emily your spring nature table looks just wonderful. i like especially the fresh green colors. saw your family video yesterday, it's family magic*best wishes from switzerland*


Nice isn't...you can feel springtime !!..your little springtable looks wonderful !!...Cool, Italy and England...i love the UK !!....have a wonderful time there !!...xx Dani


What a lovely little table! Such a fantastic idea to celebrate a love of nature and welcoming spring! Ivy is such a fantastic little one. :)

I've been curious...are the art worshops/weeks/getaways open to anyone? I've looked through some of your older entries about them. I wasn't sure if you only have registration open to close friends or how it works. I think it would be fantastic to learn from the best :), in a great place, away from home, and very therupedic and freeing!

Denise Kashyap

such wonderful inspiration...:)!!

Laura Reaux

Aww the nature table is precious! I've been wanting to put together a nature table for my kids forever, but never have. Maybe now is the time. :)

I assure you I would watch that movie every day, too. And oh how I WISH I could buy a strap from you before you close the shop. *sigh* Eventually!


I love your nature table idea. I wish I would of done something like this when my dd was little. At the age of 15, I don't suppose she would want to do one now. would she?


did you felt the little dolls? I want to learn how to make them!


Ivy, your nature table is lovely!


i'm kinda out of it right now, down with a nasty upper resp. infection.. i can't even remember if i commented on yesterday's video. (!!) lol
but i just wanted to say how it touched my heart. i loved it sooo much, i put a shout out about it on my facebook status yesterday! so very cool!
and of course ivy's spring tablescape is adorable!


Please tell Ivy that we can IMAGINE how beautiful the table is in real life from the picture. The picture makes it look pretty great. I wish I had Ivy around to spring up my house...I'm ready for some color and life. It's been a rough winter in NH.

P.S. I love the dolls -- I'm sure you made them. ?


Our weekend is full of packing...I feel like I am at the last page of a long book and getting ready for a new book. We are relocating to a new city and this is the last weekend in our house. I am sad to leave a City I've lived in most of my life but excited for the new adventures that await us in our new city.


what an amazing video!! beautiful family AND loving the blog banner!


This weekend is going to be spent getting my stuff together to "audition" to be in my local scrapbooking store's design team. I'm nervous and excited!


Are you teaching in the UK?


This weekend my boyfriend and i are going to eat a resaurant we saw on the Food Network, i'll have some school work to do (i'm a teacher), we're hanging out with friends and i need to find time to go to the gym. I would also like to find time to scrapbook some :)


This weekend we are coming home from bangkok after a week with the kids. I never knew it could be such a great place for the kids. Next time you are there with your family you really should get to ocean world and check out the science centre.

Have a great weekend yourself.

BTW don't put me in the draw for prizes. I just wanted to say hi.



Well done Ivy on a very pretty nature table.

Emily are you just stopping over in England on your way to Italy or are you teaching any classes here in England?

Traceyr :)


this is just wonderful and happy!xo


we're waiting for this Saturday to make ours...but this is lovely and tell Ivy we are inspired by her designs!

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