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March 13, 2009


susan gilman

No Way! Am I the FIRST to comment? (oh surely that means I won't WIN! dang! but still cool to be FIRST!)

This weekend is a fun-filled day with my stepdaughter and hubby, then dinner with some favorite family members! SUnday---our first BIKE RIDE of the season (weather permitting!) perfection.

chantele cross

Would love the book or online course, so much fun! arent week lucky to have 4 giveaways!!

This weekend i shall be at a ball in Loughborough for SSAGO (Student Scouts And Guides Organisation) yay! and im very excited!!


I'm hostessing 2 birthday parties for my little ones who have recently celebrated birthdays. (my youngest son turned 4 on Mar 3rd & my middle daughter turned 11 today).

On Sunday, I'm hoping to go to my Turbo class. I realized last week after going how much I'd truly missed it during the couple of months that I had taken it off.

Tina B.

Ohhhh I would love to win...thank you very much for the giveaway...I am going to a junior high state wrestling meet ALL weekend...but should be fun we have four boys in it(not our own) lololol


Hey Em,
Hope your feeling better these days. I wish I was spending time in my Girl Cave, but I have to work tomorrow morning. UGH My house is also a mess. UGH So not too much fun here. Wishing you all a wonderful weekend. HUGs

Melanie S.

Love all those giveaways!!!!!

Kinda of a calm weekend for use. DD has a birthday party. DS has a friend over. I'm working tomorrow am. DH and other DS will probably play with the tonka trucks around the house. Sunday, I'm scrappin!!!!!

Have a great weekend!

Melanie S.

michele L

Mamma Mia...I am hoping to bask in the crisp air and enjoy the sunshine this weekend. I want to do the laundry and hang it outside to dry. I want to walk around the outside of our house and look for signs of spring. I want to get my camera out and just photograph anything green. Can you tell I have spring fever really bad????

Heidi German

ooh, I've been wanting to sign up for that banners class--a free pass would be awesome!!

This weekend, I'm headed to a baby shower and hopefully to do a bit of shopping. I'm 13 wks PG and the ol' jeans are getting a bit tight! Was hoping to visit the temple tomorrow morning but I can't find my rec. :(


This weekend I'll be teaching yoga to some first time yogis!


I think I will take the kds to San Fransisco to take pictures...
Have a great weekend yourself..


I am unpacking boxes after a move. :) Would love to win!

-ruth tacoma

jill scripps

tomorrow we're celebrating emerson's 2nd birthday! i can't even believe my baby is so big!

Patti H

oh my word the online mermaids class looks absolutely perfect....i am an elementary school counselor and love doing anything scrapbooking/art related!!! :-)
happy weekend!!!


Sadly we are packing all weekend and getting ready for a move to a new city. It is exciting to think about all the new adventures that await us; new discoveries, new friends; a new life. It is an excitement that is tinged with the sadness of leaving a city that has been my home most of my life and is filled with friends and family that I will miss deeply.

Patti H

oh and i totally didn't follow directions...this weekend i am hoping to be crafty in between work shifts. :-)


i am cleaning this dirty house!! and doing some work on my art journal!!!

Amy M.

I'm relaxing this weekend with my two girls. Playing dress up and dolls. Oh what fun. Great giveaways!


It is rainy, cold and over cast where I live so I figure its the perfect excuse to hold my brothers new baby boy....Nothing warms the heart more than a new baby!
Reading witha hot cup of tea would be my next best choice.
Have a great weekend~ Michelle

Dixie Lee

This weekend.... I am going to visit the daymarket...inhopes of scoring some of that scrumptious fabric piecing and needlework for a certain blogger I enjoy!! Keep your fingers crossed that the villagers came down the mountain to sell today!

The prizes look fun!


We will continue our home renovations this weekend. Ultimate goal is to get our first baby's room done. She is due June 13th and we are SO EXCITED! Talk about motivation to get your house in order....a new baby will do that to ya.


Sick with a cold but have a house full of boxes to unpack. Not sure if I'll heed the call of the chaos or just zonk.

Great giveaways!

sasha farina

we're going on a roadtrip! driving up north, then down south, then to the east. . heee :D can't wait!

Brooke H

I am lusting over the mermaid warriors course :). Yes, I said it...lusting. I'm a therapist who wants to explore art therapy, and I waaaaannnnt this.
As for this weekend, I plan on reveling in the 50 degree weather that we are supposed to have here in Michigan.


this weekend im taking my little lady to the beach so we can blow bubbles, snuggle and play pictionary in the sand. pure bliss. Ü



I am pining for the perfect orchid stem for an old glass bottle I just found at a market for 50c... lucky my husband is a florist, he can bring me one home this afternoon... Cool giveaways Em!

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