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March 16, 2009



I'm jealous ... of the trip and of the pizza and of the upcoming gelato but NOT of the packing, etc. You'll handle it all quite nicely, I am sure - afterall, YOU are a pro! Can't wait for the 52Q ... my craft table is all cleared off and waiting to get started. Deep cleansing breaths ...


Em I'm sure you'll have a great trip...Let's take a deep breath before you get there...Something will fit, the hubby will help you , eventually .....And the little girls, at a certain point they'll won't be able to make more mess than they're already doing...hahaha
Have a great time !


gelato, i don't think you have mentioned it, baby #3 needs to have its fair share as well!!!


Wow...what a lucky family you have! I hope you all enjoy Italy and England and bring back good stories.


I ate some pavolva gelato the other week - di-vine!

Only in australia!

Safe travels.



that pizza looks fantastic! I made a loaded baked potato pizza once...it was totally yummy! Here's a link to it: http://www.flickr.com/photos/post-it-notes/3149077276/

You can do your own thing to it, too!


Have a fab time and Ivy the English woods are perfect homes for fairies! Max and I were looking for fairies in our woods the other day.

Louise (the UK)


Bliss! Have a blast!


Have an awesome time!!! Sounds like you will!
I look forward to hearing your stories and seeing your photos!


Just keep dreaming of melon gelato, melon gelato, melon gelato...


Have a lovely trip hope the weather in England stays fine for you. It has been a beautiful spring day here (Hertfordshire, England)today. Daffodils out swaying in the sunshine. Lovely. :)

amie powell

oohhh...you are going to have a lovely time!

and veggie pizza with bbq sauce is yummy. we personally like to buy the fresh dough from trader joes, brown extra firm tofu in some olive oil, then add bbq sauce, saute a bit longer. then add more bbq sauce to the dough, red onions, pineapple, and the tofu to the pizza..sooo good!

Sherri P eh

Since stress is not good for you or the babe, it is not allowed. You will get it all done, even though I'm sure right now it's difficult to believe that. I always visualize myself on the plane (or car, or whatever way we're traveling) and know that at that point I've done all I can and I can just look forward and enjoy! And don't worry about us 52Qers -- we'll be looking foward to your posts on the road, and living your exciting adventures through your words and photos. Hope you have a fabulous trip!!


well as long as your hubby doesn't do as my father used to. he'd sit in the car and honk the horn while my mother struggled to get seven kids looking semi clean and out the door. my mother would pack, prepare, organize and basically do everything for the trip. dad gassed up the car and checked the oil! no wonder we never went anywhere!


I can't believe it's that time already! We are so sad we aren't having gelato with you guys!

Chelsea Parsons

i........ am.........so.............jealous.........


I don't know if you've already mentioned it, but Positano and the island of Capri are absolutely worth the visits! I've been there a few years back and am still dreaming of returning with hubby! Haven an amazing trip!

annie bellamy

Whereabouts does your Grandma live in England? I live here too, so just wondered!

Annie B


O I wish I could come to Italy, I've seriously considered it but it's just too expensive since we've already had 2 vacations this year and have booked a third. Maybe you'll be there next year with some other cool teachers like this time and I'll be able so save up for it? Hope so! Have fun!


oh drool!! Yay for you guys!!!


Have an awesome time.
I LOVED Sorrento even though we spent time in hospital there.
I will think of you and try not to be jealos ;)
And yeah the gelato... ohh.... too late, jealous.


yeahhhhhhh, i'm so exicited...we'll see and embrace the next week. i'm so happy!!!
The gelateria down my house is preparing a lot of gelato for you...arrive in a hurry!!!;-)


What a wonderful time you will have on the Amalfi Coast. Hopefully you will head south from Naples for a few days...perhaps work out of Sorrento. You MUST see Pompeii. The girls will love it.
From Sorrento there are great buses you can take down the coast. They are similar to our nice charter buses in the US, but are their mass transit. You can stop off anywhere you like.

Have fun!!!


so nice you get to come to blighty LOL
although we have defected to Scotland for a year or two xx


Hi! I went to the Amalfi Coast, Capri and Napoli two years ago and if you want, I can send you some travelling tips! Best regards, PatrĂ­cia (from Brazil).

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