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March 10, 2009



Absolutely beautiful! <3


This is absolutely beautiful, Emily. Tara and Michel did a wonderful job. So touching, and such a special tribute to your sweet family. It was a great touch to actually have Tara in the video - showed so many different perspectives, and also great to see Miss T. at work. LOVED IT.

Julie Coryell

My husband and I just watched this video and it is so AWESOME! I can't imagine how meaningful this must be. We have talked about making a trip to California to have Tara take our pictures and this makes us want that more than ever. Our oldest child has autism so classic family pictures of all of us don't always turn out well. That is what has drawn us to Tara's style so much, that she could capture our family in how we interact everyday. But now add to the fact that we could have a video like that of our little family of 4 would is so awesome!

Thanks so much for the glimpse into your life!

Rio Rancho, NM


I just watched this on Tara's blog. It is so wonderful, sweet, sweet, sweet...


That was some kind of wonderful.


Well how sweet is that! I'm sitting here all teary eyed. I love seeing families that genuinely love each other, which makes this video truly beautiful!


Yeah, so that totally made me cry it was so beautiful & it's exactly what I want to capture as a photographer. [big happy sigh]

Sarah (byclops)

Wow that is GORGEOUS!!!!!!


oh my--what a beautiful family you have---I loved watching it---how wonderful there is another baby coming into your family
I am moved ==love ya Carrie



I know your family is just like every other family dealling with laundry and schedules and craziness, but this video just makes everything like that fade away!

I need this for our family!

Drat that we're in Edmonton, and last night"enjoyed" minus 30 degree celsius weather (minus 42 at the airport! minus 53 with wind chill!)




I cried. and Im not even pregnant. you look SO beautiful!!!! I wish I had one of these of us.... there would be less flowers i think, probably more chasing ;)


tears in my eyes
love it
wish i could be so truly happy also
*rounded tummy
*cookie eating
*gumboot stomping
*sunshiney day
* dadda knows how and is making daisy chains
- love it!


that is awesome. i LOVE it. you are so lucky to have this to reflect back on this time in your life. love it!


this is so beautiful em, you are a gorgeous little family & those girls are ADORABLE..I love all those spontaneous hugs & kisses & general cuteness. Congratulations to Tara & Michel on a great venture - fantastic idea & loved seeing the little snippets of you at work too Tara - I can see those girls are very used to you & your lens !!! xxxx


yes you are :)


this is magic...pure and simple...i cried all 10 times that i have watched it already :) what an amazing, amazing treasure....


This is so touching, such a wonderful treasure to have, thanks for sharing.


truly stunning (both your beautiful family and that incredible video)!


What a BEAUTIFUL family.

It's so refreshing to see such happiness in a family.

I've loved reading your blog. :)


Your family is indeed beautiful. What a wonderful video. :) Smiles all around. This made me so happy. Thank you for sharing it.


It was beautiful and totally captured my heart - I can only imagine how much you love it!

You and your family are very beautiful and your girls are just precious.

Long time blog follower.


it's simply magic

Kimberly Reed



Gosh, I burst into tears with this movie. Its just so freakin' beautiful. You ARE blessed Emily with such a beautiful, sweet family.

Ooo and Mick plays the guitar, how cool!!

(I'm a musician by the way)

Rebecca Wild

Just Beautiful ....

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