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March 19, 2009



She is cute as a button :)


can't remove it! just can't! those necks...mmmmmm. hi lady! hope you & yours are doing well.

Laura Reaux

lol I love nibbling on my kids' necks, too! It's mostly just Maya's now... but soon I will have 2 new little yummy necks to enjoy! Yindi's looks positively wonderful, too. ;)


So sweet!! :) :)


What a deer sweet cutie pie!

Leanne Love

She is such a cuddly little munchkin and I too love to snuggle in little babes necks, so sweet and precious......

Holly C.

Oh-such a sweetie!


I thought it was a pic for St. Patricks. Its so cute!!

Lusi :)

Oh Em i totally love doing the 'what's up there thing?' to my kids at the age and then showing no mercy with the tickling!!!!
love to you all,
Lus x


oh yes, i learned that same trick from my dad only it was under my chin -- "what's that?" he got me for many years as i got my kids (and nieces and nephews and...)


She would be a cute little shamrock for St. Patrick's Day!!!

I used to sit and hold my sons when they were little and say.."shhh, what's that noise", and then they would start to look around, and then I would say...it's little birdies trying to get in their nest, all the while tickling them under their sweet little arm pit"! I can half way get away with that with my youngest (15) since I can still at this point over power him!
Your post just made me remember that!



My eldest actually asks me to try and trick her into looking up at the ceiling now, she LOVES being tickled to the point of gasping. This is one of the cutest pics - made my night. What a sweet soul she is!


Oh Baby Yindi is so cute. Any names for the new Baby yet? I know Yindi is Yindi Willow right? I don't know Ivy's middle name? Have a great time on your trip. And are you sure you don't need a Nanny to go along? Hugs


She's not my child but I could totally bury myself into that cute neck. That's a lovely shot.


I don't blaim you one bit. What a beautiful child and a gift from God. I personally think that baby necks smell better than roses. Enjoy it as long as you can. They grow up way to fast.


such a cutie
and love love love
your new blog header...
too cute!




OMG he is adoreable, so into the neck thing with my boys too, the youngest is to small to wiggle away hee hee

Have a great week

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