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April 13, 2009



You're right! It's the memories and bits of ourselves we are recording that matter most. Thanks for prompts :)


That I am a beautifully and wonderfully created hand-made piece of unique art by The Master's own design :)

Leanne Love

LOL at Yindi, I do hope you have taken a photograph...


Haha oh dear Yindi must look a picture. :)

pink sky

i love all of the beautiful easter pictures you posted. so sweet. and pregnancy and tiredness... i can so relate :) thanks for sharing your art and stories.

julie thornton

Yes Em, you are right it is the little stories that count. I love going through the cards from last time and its always the words that grab me not the art. This is one of the reasons why I decided I was gonna give myself permission to do these tags quickly...to get my point down and not worry too much about doing a 'perfect' job artistically.

Glad you had a nice time while away :)



I like checking in to your blog and today I found a very weird thing. I was looking at your trip to Devon and you know that lovely little pink cottage on Dartmoor. Well, my man spent every Christmas there throughout his childhood ( we are both British but live in France). I have slept their on many an occasion and so it was most bizarre and random to find it here.
We are huge fans of dartmoor and the total wildness of the whole place.
Glad that you could discover it,
Be well,


Hi my loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I missss youuuuu so muchhhhhhhhhhh I wish you were here with me :(
a big big kiss


Whoo hoo! I got my page done for this challenge. I posted pictures of it on my blog.

Thank you for the wonderful inspiration Em!


Hi, I firstly must say I loves your pics on T.W's blog, she is amazing and i so want to be her when i grown up :) anyway getting back to the real reason for the comment "what makes me,me?" i have been asking myself this question since i was 12 years old, knowing there was 'more' not ever really sure. my friends, family and even my shrink didn't understand me when i asked them the question. so I just wanted to say thank you, i guess for letting me know im not alone, I felt a gush of "oh god, i'm normal" when i saw this.
thank you. and sorry for the long rant :)
stella in OZ


i think you are SO RIGHT that the *point* of a project like this is to make something which reflects RIGHT NOW--good, bad, silly...WHATEVER... :) there are gonna be ~52~ of these babies by december and they will add up to way more than the sum of their parts!

(having said that...i cannot imagine HOW you'd find this card--or ANY of yours--less than satisfying...i think maybe the jetlag is effecting your perception more than your creativity!)

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