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April 20, 2009



oooohh! that will really depend on my frame of mind when I go to answer this one!
great questions Emily! xo


great question, now if only i had an answer for that ....

Sherri P eh

First time I read this entry, I was caught up in the question and formatting my answer in my head. I missed the part about Yindi and now, re reading it, I'm laughing! You probably laughed too, though I hope your pregger tummy can handle the clean up part!


Whoo Hoo!!

I got mine done and posted pictures to my blog. Great question!



wow...that is a HARD one...

so hard, that i thought about it for the *entire week* and STILL DIDN'T HAVE AN ANSWER!

(so finally i decided that not having an answer *WAS* my answer...and i made a card about that!) :)

thanks for the mental workout!!!♥

Building home

Nice bookmarks you got. This is so special since one things for sure..

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