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April 27, 2009



So when are you coming home to Australia...please tell us all, is it in 3 months time, will you return to Perth?

Sherri P eh

Love this tag, this question, and your method of coming up with the answer! I think I shall try the same and see what response I get!

Sarah Crawmer

You have the most beautiful family! I just went over to the Tara Whitney blog and am just in awe of the family photographs. I love your blog!


I cant think of a better super power that that.

You know Im picturing you in those tights right hehe!


Do they make a leotard to go over a belly like that? And I think a cape might get in the way when you are trying to hang the washing out...
But you really are a super woman.


that is soooo awesome looking!!!


My Super Power is FAITH! I don't know that I can explain this one really. It's just that eternal optimist and knowing that everything is going to be okay. A blind belief that people are still good at heart. I like this about me.


HA!! shiney spandex tights indeed! hehehe...



The fact that I am writing this right now proves my point.

Rebecca Sebasky

I wish you were my neighbor....okay but anyways, my superpower is going to be mindfulness.....I know it is sort of vague. I just think about a lot of things....so you know...mindfulness.

Terresa Wellborn

My superpower is hidden...it's my resilient boobs. (true story!) and tons of chocolate chip waffles, of course. For more, visit my blog. ;)


This reminds me of a breastfeeding bumper sticker I saw once that said, "I make milk...what's your super power." Other than that, I'd have to think about it...although, being pregnant as well, I do think that the ability to nurture and grow human life and then sustain w/ breastmilk should definitely be considered a super power :)

Great questions!


Heh...I have to tell you...my kids believe I have eyes in the back of my head...


Cool question!

I posted some photo's and an explanation of mine on my blog.


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