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April 13, 2009



Oh my gosh! The size of that bunny! And those homemade hot cross buns - simply scrumptious!


Walking a bunny? That's interesting!


cute easter baskets! and your bunny got huge!


of course the Easter baskets are perfect. Wow, never seen a bunny on a leash before!


Ok that bunny looks so cute on it's leash. Your girls are growing up so quickly, it seems like yesterday when you blogged about Yindi's birth. You are truly blessed Em! Hugs

Leanne Love

Great to see that you are eating Cadbury chocolates Emily, nothing but the best LOL. I love the bunny on his leash too cute. It is illegal to have pet rabbits here is Queensland (boo hoo)

I am glad that you had a fun Easter. Cannot believe how much Yindi is growing. She has just sprouted all of a sudden.

Leanne :)


beautiful purple dress....got a thing about purple dresses

lene s

This looks really lovely! I envy you the warm weather! (Compared to here that is;)Beautiful pictures!



We had a leash laying around for our bunny but had never used it, the pic of your bunny just reminded me of it and the weather was finally well enough so we took our Aafje out to play. She was very excited and is now resting from her great adventure! Will post pics on my weblog later today.

nicole renee

Your bunny is so cute! That is so awesome that you can walk him on a leash! : )


that bunny on a leash is to die for!

Stephanie Jedlicka

That's one LARGE honkin' bunny! hehe ;)


hi!!! happy easter!! :D



Holly C.

Oh, the girls' Easter baskets look yummy!


can i come over
and pet that cute little bunny???
too adorable!



i love that last photo! makes me want a bunny to walk too!

Tash Allen

glad to see you have some Cadbury there ;) love all the the photos - gorgeous as usual. happy easter to you all. PS glad you were safe after the earthquake.... I was on holiday in remote NT south of Darwin when I saw that on the news... and all I could think of was that you were somewhere in Italy (I thought!) and I couldn't check your blog! but glad you are back safe and sound now xx

Kerrie Sirmans (an Aussie alum)

Is that Cadbury eggs I see in that there basket....oh my, how I miss my Aussie chocolate. Glad you guys are back safe and sound.

Jen N.

I was wondering where you got the Easter figures and wooden circle? Nova Naturals?

Jennifer C

A bunny on a leash....that is the most divine image i have seen for awhile. Love it. I am with leanne (also from QLD) and wish I could have my own bunny too....

Angie D in Ohio

Oh my gosh.... that bunny on a leash is just too adorable. Now I want a bunny.

Thanks for sharing just great images. You have an adorable family.

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