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April 15, 2009


Ginger (teleskiermom)

Thank you for sharing your time with your garandmother...it brought tears to my eyes of my memories of my grandmother.


What a beautiful person, she has obviously contributed so much to the world and to your life. How lucky.


oh how she is so full of joy, I can tell that so easily from the way you describe her. what a beautiful relationship and what a beautiful women. you come from good stock, em. love it. thank you for sharing this. i had a crummy night and you just made my heart be softened and my face smile. love.


I'm not even pregnant and you've got a little tear flow out of me! Just beautiful, Em. <3

Cheryl aka cherpea

Blessed are those who have a wonderful stong role model such as yours...

be thankful for the precious moments you were able to spend with her... I miss seeing everyday my own self proclaimed sassy broad of a grandmother...

thank you so much for sharing with us the obviously strong bond you have... that last precious photo will be such a treasure...

Lindsay R

from one emotional pregnant girl to another...wow, what a touching story and the photos, too...that last one of her touching your belly and looking into your face is worth a thousand blurry ones...amazing.

Leanne Love

Bless your granma, she looks totally adorable and wow she is certainly an artist, her paintings are amazing. I can now see hwere you got your love of art and talent from. It is so lovely that the girls got to spend time with her. They will really treasure that time in the future.


oh my goodness em....what a blessing she must be in your life and despite her failing memory the love she has for you and your children still shines in her eyes.
that photo of her hand touching your tummy is just so amazing and one i hope you will scrap with your special thoughts and memories too.
how truly blessed you are my friend xxoo


the love in her eyes in that last pic is absolutely priceless.

and i am so in awe of the artistic flair that resides in each and every one of you. what a treasure!

Lene S

She sounds amazing! All those wonderful emotions you discribe so beautifully reslly shows in the photos :)


memories flow
tears roll
a smile breaks across my face
Thank heaven for grandmas.


Thats beautiful...thank you foe sharing

annie bellamy

Ah so lovely. Her paintings are fantastic! As someone who lives in the UK, not too far from Devon I can really appreciate those scenes. What a wonderful llife she has led and a great family she has grown!


Such a beautiful and sentimental post, Em. I LOVE that last pic of you with your Grandma. What wonderful memories to cherish always ~


What a wonderful artist your Grandma is. She certainly looks like a fantastic person to know :-)


handmade gifts are the best! That painting with the black&white cows is really cute and I bet one could lose oneself in daydreaming with the one with the horses and the hills.
I was already thinking about visiting my grandparents today but now I'm definately gonna go! I'm so lucky that they live in the same city as I do!

Miek Vugts

i just found your blog.
it is very beautiful work you make.
i stay tuned!
greetz Miek




You have me in tears! What wonderful photos and memories.


what a beautiful and lovely tribute to an amazing woman!! we should all be so sassy and fabulous at 87. :-)

I adore teh shot of your daughter in her pj's and high heels. :-)


What an amazing artist your grandma is! I just love that last picture of the two of you. You will treasure it forever.


This is just so special. Aren't grandmothers just the best?! What a lovely post dedicated to her. My memere was such a big part of my life and I wish I had more pictures of her and I together.

tara pollard pakosta

she reminds me exactly of how you will be as a great gram one day. how VERY COOL>! that photo of her with Ivy where she is touching her hair, make sure to write the story of what they were talking about and what was said! i have a photo of my gramma and me from around that same age (5) and i wish i knew what we talked about, she died right after that photo of us was taken and wrote a poem about it to go with the photo, but i never knew what was said or who took the photo!!!
LOVE all these pictures and you are right, she is an AMAZING ARTIST WOW!! i am impressed and touched at how she still has the passion!


So many beautifull memories you have with her. Cherish the time you could spend with her and know that she will always be there for you - one way or another :-)


what a special story. she sounds like a great person, great as in wow, now there's someone to look up to, kind of great!

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