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May 25, 2009



I don't think my tag could be big enough to describe what I'd have in mind...fun question!


I'd come and see you.


NOOO restrictions?? I would have every single person I care for flown into my town and have a beach party with everyone I love and care about.

Leanne Love

I would relax and read a good book, yes I know it sounds very boring but that is exactly what I would do


Ooh that's an easy question for a change! I really must catch up, I'm about 10 weeks behind, so I guess I would play catch up with my free day!

tara pollard pakosta

funny, cause I just had an evening from 4pm til midnight at home with nobody here and I couldn't think of a single thing I wanted to do. I tried to scrapbook but couldn't. ended up reading a book and watching a movie!
good prompt!


Thanks Ember for hosting 52Q - I've been playing along on my blog but finally opened a flickr acct where I can now post my tags :-) Love your Week 21 tag - brings back great memories of life in the 70's :-)


Carbs. ANY and ALL of them I wanted.


Today was one of those days! Got up a wee bit later than my normal 6am. Read my emails and scrapbooked a bit. Threw in a load of laundry here and there...went for a delightful 2 mile walk...met a good friend for lunch. Hung out with my daughter and watched True Blood for 2 episodes. Ran a few errands, got a good coffee and came home to greet my hubby!


I see number 19 and 21, but have I somehow missed number 20 along the way?


Good question again!
At least, I would sew one of those cute skirts!


Love those skirts!!!

I have mine art journal page posted on my blog with pictures and my answer. Check it out!



Hi em
you are amazing
Yindi and Ivy look sooo cute
and your bubba bump too!

Marelle (Australia)


Love the colours of your tag! I have finally got all my 52Q tags up to date on my blog. I'm so pleased I've kept up with the challenge. Come and have a look!
Wendy xx


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