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May 26, 2009



wow, i need to learn to sew asap! these are gorgeous :]


Gorgeous! SO WISH i knew how to sew and had a machine!


Lovely! I love repurposing. You're so green ☺.


amazing em, i am so ('sew' ?haha) impressed !
that 2nd shot of yindi is fantastic, what a cute little hip chick she is ! xxxx


Love it! I was just reading another post today actually about sewing (re-purposing a men's button down shirt into a girl's dress) and it's got me itching to sew something (I have a blanket I'm 98% done and I'm going to start another one soon...) Sewing is the new obsession I think :)


These are fantastic, Em! I love that you have re-purposed older clothing. WTG!


Very cool, Em! I can't decide which I like more! I'm so jealous of your fabric-crafting skills. You'd think being a daughter of a seamstress I would have inherited some of her skill with a machine...

Erin {Juneau.Eco.Mommie}

oohh yummy, can't wait to buy one!!


oh emily!! those are awesome!!! you have some serious seamstress skills!!! awesome!!


ok. i am seriously in LOVE with all of these photos but that one of little tummy peaking out of mini skirt with baby legs. holy swoon.

so beautiful. i want each and every one of these skirts! hee hee.


the t-skirt made out of micks old t-shirt on Yindi....OMG...that photo just makes me giggle....so so cute. It's as if she knows she's modeling somehow. Can I put that on my desktop for the bad days??...so I can grin from ear to ear just because life is so so precious when you view it with child like eyes.


You're a genius, dear Em. With darling little models roaming about.
My issue is not so much with the staining as with the wearing out of the knees. Good thing it's summer, so we'll just cut all of those legs off for shorts, and keep the extras for quilting. (It's the best I can do, given that Jack won't wear skirts.)


oooooh so fun. nice job mama. love love love!

Sherri P eh

You never cease to amaze Emily! Lovely lovely pieces, and your models are oh so sweet! Great stuff! I actually dusted off my sewing machine today to sew this week's tag. That's the most sewing I've done all year! But you do inspire, so I might just keep that machine out! Thanks!!


Well done!! Tey are all lovely piece!!


you are a very good friend and you are an artist...i love you...and alla you make...
for me alla you make became gold...


Wow! Theese creations are great, I especially like Yindi's violet dress and your turquise-green one :)


I am so excited can't wait to buy one of your amazing skirts. I love the picture of Yindi and her mini skirt with her little belly hanging out, she is so stinkin cute!!!

Jen Davis

I absolutely love these skirts! Can't wait to read your article over at Today's Mama...thanks Em!


Love the dress! My daughter's about the same age, and I, like you, have very little laundry rescuing skills!

Sophie Tousignant

I absolutely love those skirts! Was thinking of making one for myself and these are a real inspiration! I've only used my sewing machine once and I definitely think she deserves more attention than that! Thanks for the inspiration!



okay, Em, you completely rock my world. I got a bunch of knit fabric from freecycle last summer and have yet to turn it into anything. You just inspired me, and by the way, you are just all around cool. gorgeous tee-skirts, love them!!!

kristen Van Dyke

i thought you didn't have a serger! how did you do those knit ruffly edges?!


These are so super cool. And I know about making pants. I singlehandedly created my own wardrobe for me when I was a teen making all kinds of pants from an old Dolly shorts pattern. I can just picture your blue pants! But these I love and I will have to go over and check out your patterns-I have been saving up all our old T-shirts to make SOMETHING (I can't BEAR to throw anything out!)

Leanne Love

adorable Em, totally divine

Lee xxxxxxxxx

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