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May 01, 2009



Howdy! I am loving reading your blog! as for this weekend, a trip to Shedd Aquarium in Chicago and a backyard bbq are on the agenda and I cannot wait!


Hi Em~
Your blog is my favorite read! I will be having fun all day Saturday with two of my good friends at a crop in Carlsbad! Can't wait!

Cage Free Family

Hi Em,
This weekend I am happy to have shelter, food and safety. I am happy that no matter what my family is together and in love and that we are surrounded by the love of our friends and readers.
I can't make it to Utah, but I can deliver this little baby into that beautiful hat.

Krista Maurer

Today I checked on my garden before work and my peas are sprouting! When the things I plant grow ... THAT is what makes me happy. :)


We will finally finish, hopefully, the addition to our deck!! We have spent every weekend this spring working on it! I guess Mother's Day weekend we can spend relaxing on it.

mandie segura

I'm just happy that it IS the weekend! :) Hope yours is beautiful!


I stumbled across a quote from the poet Rilke that is helping me be happy just now:

"have patience with everything unresolved in your heart and to try to love the questions themselves as if they were locked rooms or books written in a very foreign language. Don't search for the answers, which could not be given to you now, because you would not be able to live them. And the point is to live everything. Live the questions now. Perhaps then, someday far in the future, you will gradually, without even noticing it, live your way into the answer."

This is just what I needed when I needed it. This weekend, I'll be trying my darndest to live the questions.

Jennifer S.

I am happy for warm weather and a trip to a b-day party at a park on sat! I live in utah and can travel to Logan for fairy photos- how fabulous!!!! Pick me pick me!!!!


I am so willing to "travel" to Logan. ;) What beautiful work Jasmine! Thanks, Em for sponsoring this giveaway. I love your blog, and I'm happy that your family get to go "home" for a while!


Happy May Day!
I am new to your blog and I must say you are now a daily read for me :) Your family is so beautiful. I am excited for this weekend, tomorrow I am going to hit up yard sales with my sister and then Sunday I am off for a much need facial. Time to say goodbye to dry winter skin and hello to glowing spring skin. All those giveaways are so amazing there are a lot of generous people in this world. Hope you have a great weekend :)


ooohhh...how exciting all of this is!! i am a long time reader of yours...but thought this post would be a good one for my first comment!
i would be happy just to win...but my father actually lives in logan, utah and my little ladies will be spending a couple of weeks there in june and i will be flying to pick them up in july...so please put me in the drawing for the fairy photos!! ooh...how fabulous!

Welcome Youngs

Oooh! I actually made it in time for one of your fabulous drawings! That's fabulous! And such amazing artists with massive talent, you've included!! Sooooo...My weekend...this weekend...Is full of sunshine...And J is ACTUALLY off of work..So we will go flockin the island closeby and enjoy the beautiful nature surrounding us...It puts me in such a euphoric state....Words cannot express..And some beach time...and maybe go fishing...I am super stoked to have my honey home for the weekend...Man oh man....

Megan Williams

Yay! so many prizes to be one! This weekend calls for picnic in the park after a visit to Frank Lloyd Wright's Wayfarers Chapel. We will be dressed in formal attire of course, no picnic is complete without it! Also, makes for good pictures to be played with! Hope your weekend brings oodles of fun!


I am so happy that the weekend is almost here. I'm excited that I get to spend tomorrow scrapping! That's a rare treat. I will get the whole day to myself, which is an added bonus! Quiet alone creative time! Woot! I hope your weekend is awesome, Emily!


love this place! Hoping for nice weather for one more day BEFORE it really gets hot!--maybe some scrapping! Thanks!


What a super giveaway!! How fun! This weekend is going to be sunny and warm - spring is finally here!! We will be spending it at our cabin hanging out, playing games, fishing, having a fire, and most likely looking for a gajillion bugs (knowing my son). Thanks again!


I am happy that I am meeting with a friend to get messy and artsy tonight, full on family adventuring and fun tomorrow, and Sunday to just take it all in.

Have a super weekend too!


The sunny weather is making me happy!


Love love love the blog - gives me so many great ideas! As for what makes me happy this weekend - just the fact that it's the weekend is always good, but getting to spend time with extended family we don't get to see very often is going to make this a special one!


i bought a horribly ugly used couch a week ago, tore it apart and have finished the seat and back cusions. This weekend I am working on altering the bones of it and reattaching prettier upholstery. i also cannot travel to utah--although having a fairy photo shoot sounds so wonderful!


wow! tons of cool stuff.... so what is making me happy this weekend, is that it is the weekend....a slower pace time with my three precious kids....and maybe a stay inside pajama day on Sunday, I heard it is suppose to rain.


What makes me happy this weekend is that we have a baseball game Saturday and then I go to my niece's graduation. She's graduating from college. She's worked very hard for this and is the first grandchild to graduate from college. So I'm very proud of her.

Stephanie matlack

This sunday I will spend a day with my scrapping BFF's. I havent gotten together with them for about 6 months. And one of them has just moved back from FLorida so we are all so happy to be back together again.


What a great graet giveaway for a Friday. It makes the weekend oh so more special. I'm excited that this weekend we may finally finish the deck we are building around our pool. I'm so excited to be able to have a beautiful peaceful space to read, relax and watch my baby play. And as much as I love them, to be dog free for a little while.
ps unfortunately, I can't travel to Utah, as much as I would want and love to!!

tammy g

Wow! So many goodies. I have three monkeys that would put that paper to good use.

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