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May 01, 2009



I am happy that for the first time in almost five years I am packing just myself for a little weekend away. Strange to not be packing away diapers, onesies, hairbows, toys, etc.

Dale Anne

WOW! FABULOUS goodies!!!
I am already on such a high this week - working on workshop details for a cruise June 5 - 12, 2010 and getting proofs from a new book coming out this fall with 2 pieces of my artwork in it, plus my art pieces are going together splendidly!!!
What else could I ask for!



I would love to have all of these goodies!! They're wonderfully yummy! This weekend my hubby is making me very happy, he's the most gorgeous man for me on Earth. Blessings!


I am happy I get to spend the weekend with my love. :) I'm also happy for the rain this weekend to make my plants grow!

Lisa Cunningham

Wow! Everything looks so wonderful! What an amazing giveaway! I am excited for a nice, relaxing weekend with my husband, after a crazy week hosting my wonderful Mother in law and sister in law, who were visiting from out of state. And finally getting to scrap after a few weeks of no spare time.
PS I live in Utah :).


I'm grateful that my work week is almost over and my great niece and nephew are coming for the weekend.


Denise K.

What an amazing spread of yummies!

What is making me happy this weekend is spending time with my extended family visiting from out-of-state! :)

claudia d

I'm making prime rib with oven roasted taters and asparagus... for a special autie and uncle. Happiness...

Noel Holly

This weekend I and a bunch of friends are going on a fabulous garden tour here in the OC...The Mary Lou Heard Memorial Garden Tour...all the gardens are "Real Gardens done by Real people"...no professional landscaped gardens. The tour is self-guided and all donations go to benefit a local shelter for battered women and their children.Seeing all the wonderful gardens and helping a great organization at the same time make me Very Happy indeed!


Yowza- these are fantastical prizes!!!


I'm Happy that my husband is comming home this weekend. I miss him so much. I love all the prizes they are awesome. I can travel to Utah.

Sarah Clark

Mmmm, I agree! Licking my lips too! :)

Im excited for the rain this weekend. I plan on cuddling up to a blanket and a good book... and maybe a little chocolate too.
Every once in while I gotta indulge myself.


This weekend...My 7 yr old daughter and I finally get our "date" she's been talking about. I get to take her to her early morning soccer game alone-then off to garage sale and thrift shops to look for goodies. Also this weekend I will finally purchase my first art fair canopy!! I'm excited :)

Karin H

My weekend will have a wonderful workshop at which i will be able to present. I'm excited and wary of doing it with a baby, although I know it will work out. :-) I am definitely willing to travel to Logan (since it is my hometown) and I have loved reading your blog for over the last year. :-)


Wow this is a great giveaway!

Happiness right now = 6 little girlfriends running and drawing and giggling and playing in my backyard.


I actually have an exciting weekend for a change! The play I have been wardrobing has a dress rehearsal SAaurday, so I can see everyone all dressed up finally. Then I get to be gussied up for a fundraiser in the evening!

Sorry, can't do Utah!


that a procedure i had scheduled is now over and everything's fine, that it's the weekend and that it's may!


Wow.. so many wondeful things! That is awesome giveaway! :)

I'm happy for that weekend as tommorrow we will be having a garden party with my parents and on Sunday my boyfriend is taking me for a little trip to the seashore as the weather is just beautiful here in Poland! :)

rachel marquette

Happy that it is homemade pizza night tonight! i have 2 little boys that love to help cook and they are my cheese sprinklers! just happy for family time these weekend in the sunshine!


Spending time with my lovlies (my husband and Son!) Going to a Spring Festival to celebrate Life~ Can't get any better or happier than this!


Wow, I love all the goodies!! We are about to leave for a week long visit with my sister!!! We leave in 5 hours, guess I better get to packing :)


I am happy for many things (the kiddos, husband)...but one of the things that is currently making me happy is playoff hockey...silly, but I just love this time of year. go ducks.

Heather T.

I am happy that my littlest is feeling better! Thanks for the giveaway!! :)


Without a doubt, this weekend I am happy because my darling little sister is well and graduating college. She's so beautiful. (You should probably count me out of the Utah draw, but thanks for the awesome chance to win!)


Happy because I am breathing. Going for a girls night out and going to scrap tomorrow evening.

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