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May 22, 2009



"yes, apparently i am grandmother to a rabbit " <-- that made me laugh!! Such a cute idea though, bunnies (and little girls) are adorable!


too cute! i can't think of anything sweeter to be a grandma to at the ripe age of 30.


Oh lordy that might be the cutest thing ever! Bunny Club! Bless indeed.
I am nearly crying with laughter.


Ohhh, little bunnies are sooo cute! When my children were little we also had one, he was just like a doggy, always running through the house and lying next to us on the couch. We were all so sad when he died..

maggie ann.

oh what wonderfullness this is! you have rekindled some fond memories i have of my days with bunnies in 4-H. they are the kindest, gentlest animals! i used to love watching them nibble down dandelion stems like spaghetti :)


This is so cute.
We have recently relocated from Adelaide to Michigan and people over here seem to think it is strange that we are considering adopting a rabbit.
I have so many fond memories of having a bunny as a kid and it seems like you are making lots of your own.


I like the little bunny harness. and your girls are too cute with those bunnies! I love that they have a club.


Those bunnies are so cute. We would have one or two but our dog thinks he should chase them. :( I like the idea of a bunny club and it sounds like it helps them keep up with caring for them properly. :)


oh! It is literally a "bunny club"!!!! haha SOOOO CUTE!!!

It was sooo good to see you! I want to gasbag and catch up some more!! And it was so lovely to meet cute, squishy little yindi!!

Leanne Love

totally adorable
I wish it was legal to have a bunny here but alas it is not. I guess no one would really know if I got one though - mmmmmm will have to work on my dear law abiding husband LOL

Leanne :)

Alison Gibbs

Oh what a fun thing for the girls to do


does she stay in that basket?! Our Aafje would jump out and go exploring, I really need to hold her leash all the time when we're outside or use a closed basket.
:-) we also joke about my parents being our pets grandparents, so you're not the only one who's grandmother to a bunny!
Will the bunny move with you to Australia?


Yep, you got that one wrong there Em! You tell the kids that the pets are their brother or sisters and then you are still only a mum...
This is so cute. I love how rabbits smell. When we last lived in Aus our neighbours over the back had bunnys who accidently had baby bunnies and I remember holding those little balls of fluff. They were like little powder puffs and sooo sweet.
However my brother and I had rabbits when we were little and my hands are still covered in the scars from being bitten and scratched. So much so that I've always been too scared to get a rabbit pet with my own kids. Glad yours is very well behaved.


how cool is that---Bunny Club!!!


So sweet!

rani shah

how sweet!!!! we are thinking about having little chicks over the summer! nice sweet fun!


so cute...

my nine year old boy
would love that...
he desperately wants a rabbit
or a gerbil or a guinea pig...
sadly, his mean parents
are not animal people
so he has to content himself with
a mangy dog...


how cool that your kids have access to 4-H programs! We did lots of 4-H clubs and projects (cooking, sewing, sheep, pigs, horses, animal science, photography) all were really cool except sewing was not something I was into, and now wish I'd paid more attention too!


How wonderful this is and the photos are adorable. Munsy looks so spiffy in her harness and leash!


this is quite possibly the cutest thing ive ever seen grammy!

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