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May 28, 2009



those two are so stinkin sweet it kills me. makes me want to build a fort in my living room, despite the fact that i have no one i need privacy from :)


i adore little cozy corners and
this is one is so sweet...
made even sweeter with it's inhabitants...


I love cozy corners too ☺ !


I NEED ONE TOO TOADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What a wonderful cozy corner!! I hope my daughters will have one similar one day!


You are a brilliant mum, you should be so proud. Now, get thee to to cozy corner missy. You are over due.

tara pollard pakosta

that 2nd pic is priceless!
I think you need to drape a big ol' blanket over the top for a fort! FUN STufF!


Ivy, DArby has the exact dame t-shirt on as you today. I smiled big when I saw that you were wearing her Aunty Georgia's top. Coolio. Em, where did the little Russian doll come from that was on Ivy's skirt you made the other day???

Cage Free Family

Ivy looks just like you in that first picture; lucky girl.

Love the cozy corner. Ours play in our little bedroom in the rear of the RV which consists mostly of a bed surrounded by walls. They love to put down the Buddha curtain and play together.


Very cozy...:)


Awesome idea, I love it - so nurturing :)


What an adorable post. I loved making cozy pampering nests for my little ones. Now my littlest one is graduating tomorrow. Enjoy each and every little moment!


they are just adorable!! so loving to each other!!!
on another note...so glad i can make it to your class at the Pink!!!

The Magic Onions

I love the cozy corner... what a great answer to the dreaded 'time out'!


mmmmm...i love me some cozy corner!
i have been aching to encourage my dad to make me some playstands. maybe this will be the year!

i love the idea of "loving it out"...because oh.my! we have needed some of that around here these days!

Alison Gibbs

What a fun space for the kids to play.

Lindsay R

emily, HELP!!!!! you're always mentioning the most wonderful PEACEFUL methods of disciplining and helping your little ones toward kindness...and i just LOVE your ideas. i find myself struggling with needing to help my little guys (4 & 2) deal with the not-so-friendly times more peacefully and productively. can you recommend any books you've used or should i just hire you as my personal kid consultant?!?!?!

Bohemian mom

OH my gosh - what an awesome space!! They are soooooooo cute! And you are like...the coolest mom ever!

Katie Squires

I love it ! You always inspire me to try new things with my girls :) Your the BEST!!!


Love the cosy corner and that you send them to it to "love it out". I suspect that if I put all my kids in a confined area to work things out, there would be blood. Oh and cute t-shirt Ivy's wearing ;)

Shannon @ Silver Trappings

What a wonderful idea! I love it. Wish I had had a place like that when my kids were little!


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