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June 08, 2009



sleeping children, now there's a nice thought!


hello? how are you? when are you coming to see the munchkin?

Alison Exelby

Nothing like sleeping children


oh I wished I lived near, I would come be your "nanny" so you could create!


Oh - how come that they always seem to know when you really need that mummy time alone - and thats also the days when they really need you - alot.....

Enjoy - they are only little for such a short time !!



Kinder to myself?

I need to cut back my white flour/sugar intake, curb off those last bits of cheese lust that are preventing me from completely cutting off my attachment to cows for food, I need to go to bed earlier, and love my boobs even though they're small. <3



Awww, sweet as ever, thanks for sharing these adorable photos with us!


My tag and three other is here :) And on flickr pool of course :) Take care Emily! And all of you :)


Hm, something went wrong with the link: my tags are here: http://michelle.schowek.net/2009/06/11/52q-23-12-5-4 :)


Just found this site and challenge. LOVE the concept. I will try and start next week!!! Of course I have to run out and buy just the "right" supplies to start my art journal.


I've been following your blog for sometime now, and I admire your style both in your art and in the life you live. I love the outfits you give your children (and all your handmade touches). You are truly an inspiration! Perhaps once upon a time you mentioned your journey with dreadlocks on your blog and I just haven't searched back far enough. I was hoping you could share with me (possibly with us) about that journey.

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