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June 22, 2009



Not yet, but I'm going to get it NOW!


Yes lots of hugs from Ella who has been home for the last 4 days from school (end of term 2 here last day tomorrow for July 2wk hols) with both ears burst eardrums and staff infection in both. She has been miserable, we have had lots of hugs today and she looked up at me and said Mama I Love You - I had tears in my eyes she used to call me Mama when she was little (she is now 7) she said to me why are you tearing up Mum??
Hugs to you Em and the girlsxx


oh, i just love that tag!


I JUST this minute got a nice big hug from my sweet smelling one year old grandson who just woke up from his nap!!!!


Hi Emily, I know it sounds insane to join your challenge just in the middle but what can I say? I just couldn't resist :) I've choosen a small format because I have a lot of catching up to do!
I'm a great admirer of your art work and I must say your little girls are the cutest :) I hope to have such an adorable couple in the future :)
Hugs from Poland!

Pat O'Neil

I know I probably shouldn't care, cause you know, it's all for "Art's sake", but I'm missing a number.........I don't think I actually missed a question, but could you let me know what #24 was...........call it appeasing the aged..........lol

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