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June 30, 2009



I would write..........

Life is God's novel...
Let Him write it.


I already did write on my walls! :) I live in a small condo, so I took the doors off my closet and put my desk in there... and then went to town writing inspirational sayings I love all over the walls inside. You would do something far more artsy and lovely, but I had fun doing the writing... You can see it here:


I love it... totally keeps my perspective.


Fantastic question! I have to get my thinking hat on. I'm running a bit behind on the 52Q so need some me time to catch up soon.


Lighten up.....


Oops...didn't mean that you should lighten up, I meant that I would write it on the wall of our family home to tell the fam and I to *LIGHTEN UP*


as a fellow renter i love to dream of future walls. this is a fun thought, thanks!!


I dont do every weeks prompt but did have a go at week 16's. You can see it here


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