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June 27, 2009



You always find the most wonderful things!! I would love the art journaling class, but I am sure my daughter would love the mermaid warrior camp even more!

We would love to be selected for one of these!!

Thanks for your blog, you always give me great inspiration!!


What delightful give aways...I would luv to be the lucky winner of the art journaling class...as I struggle with the written word. My DD is all grown up now...but the mermaid warrior camp sounds quite wonderful for young girls.


I would love to take one of these classes or win that little journal! I LOVE it! I'm excited to go explore what these ladies have to offer!


i love the life you have nitched out for you and your family. very sweet, very, very sweet... regarding previous post


I love the necklace! So cute!! Everything looks great :)


Would love to take that first class- any of these really! Such happy give-aways...


Very cool giveaways today! Thanks for the opportunity to win one of these great prizes. Have a wonderful weekend.


As a mommy of 4 and another on the way (9 weeks pregnant) the class sounds awesome 'me time' All the giveaways are pretty cool though !!! So many clever layyydeesss out there xxx

nicole austin

wow, everything sounds great! the necklace is precious and the classes both sound like fun.


What a fantastic giveaway, such wonderful generous souls out there in blogland :)


I've been stalking Dina Wakley's class for a while. Sounds very interesting.


Love reading about your craftiness and would love to win a sunshiney proze! That little journal is absolutely adorable.


I would love to take the journaling class! I've already taken the mermaid class and am about to put it to work next week! fun stuff. The neclace is cool, too. fun sponsors.


Totally beautiful where do you find these talented ladies ?? Love love all the goodies - and could so do with a little sunshine here it is the middle of winter and a grey day, so I am just waiting for my little boys to wake up and add sunshine to my day xox


dina's class sounds awesome! fingers crossed :)


Oh those journal classes look delightful. I will have to look further!

Jenny B.

Sweet giveaway. The little journal is darling!


Oooooh my sunbursts!! Which we have plenty of here in Texas this week. Temps over 100. That should qualify as a sunshiny note. LOL That would be just great to be picked. Returning for my last week in SanDiego to cool off a bit. See me waving from downtown LaJolla.


Oh Mylanta, this is an awesome giveaway. I'm so excited I could poop rainbows!


fun! fun! adorable baby necklace! :)

tammy g

Just love the little baby's bum on the back of the journal. Too cute.

rachel tanner

These are so, so fab!
Gosh I have your blog on reader but have come to the "real" blog to comment. I am in love with it! The header is so fab, beautiful.

Denise K.

Absolutely love checking your blog to see what lovelies you have posted (52Q, pics of your adorable girls, ideas and inspiration, fun stuff, etc...)!


What wonderful giveaways! They look like so much fun.

Sherri P eh

Just had a fabulous sunshiney week with husband, kids, 2 stepkids, newphew and my parents! They all traveled from different places in Canada so we could all meet up for a priceless NC week. Father's Day, my husband's birthday and sunshine!!

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