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June 27, 2009



The art journaling class sounds wonderful. Hope your moving prep is going smoothly. So excited you get to go home. :)


What cool giveaways! Thanks for the opportunity ... Peace.


That Art journaling class sounds so amazing. :) Sunshiny? It's lovely here during the summer and we're able to spend time outside. I love watching my 18 month old son discover the outdoors. :)


fabulous give-aways..thanks so much for the chance :)


Thanks for all you do for us Em. I would love to win the little journal. ps: it is soooo hotttt here over 100.


I would LOVE to win one of these things or courses! They all look/sound amazing!


Firstly I always get a smile from reading your blog. It is winter time here but so much to look forward to that the lack of sunshine is hardly noticed. Have finally finished studying and now looking forward to having time to try new creative things, the Dina Wakley course looks just the ticket (hint, hint). And next week we have a weeks holiday to go and visit my daughter in Queensland at which time I expect to experience plenty of sunshine in my heart and in my bones.


The class sounds inspiring!


Do you even know how unbelievably STOKED I am that I stumbled across your blog?????I LOVE IT!!! Im going back and reading EVERYTHING!!!! I'm going to make your 52 cards, your journals!! All of it!!! You are me only 20 years younger!!!LOL!!(Actually you are my daughters age-she has 3 little girls..5,3 and 1!!Okay! Im such a groupie that I even watched the U tube video of Mick showing off your apartment..and put it on my Facebook! Your Ivy looks like our Kana, little artists that they are!! Cheers and hugs!

Dale Anne

All are FABULOUS giveaways - THANK YOU Em & your sponsors!!!

laura stewart

so cute


What lovely giveaways to aid us in our efforts to "make" a creative life! Please include me in the drawing. Thanks and have a blessed day!


Looks like lots of fun ... thanks for the continuous inspiration and chance to win.

Sarah M

would love any of these wonderful, inspiring prizes!!
Sarah M


Just spent all day in the sun with my two little girlies. Enjoy !


I love art journals. The giveaways as so creatively inspiring.

Meaghan (bonafyde)

amazing and inspiring women doing amazing and inspiring things! Love That!


Sunshiney would be nice...it has been raining, raining, raining here in the West Oz south! Fab giveaways.


Those goodies look great! Please count me in. Thanks! =)


What happy things to win! I'm not feeling super-sun-shiney right now, as it just took ONE WHOLE hour to get my 11 month old wild baby to sleep (and I don't think he's actually sleeping yet!). Whew. Plus, it's raining (but, I do enjoy the sound of rain... quite calming, you know?). Ok, back to screamybaby.

susan gilman

yummy! anything art journaling - count me in! xo


Thanks for hosting such a wonderful rainbow of giveaways! Not so much sunshine in these parts but we're dancing in the rain.

christen krumm

i just had a fantastic weekend with my wonderful family... they threw me my first baby shower ever :)

jo marks

absolutely super cool giveaways! laughing @ Cindy ("I could poop rainbows!!!") that comment has made my day! i may just have to treat myself to the art journalling class anyway (if your random number generator doesn't pick me :-) xx


Oh my, the art journalling class sounds right up my street! I'm just stepping out on this road and need all the help I can get lol!

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