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June 04, 2009


mandie segura

Too cute! :)


they are just soooooooo sweet! :)


i love little girls in leotards. and yours are too cute!


That's so sweet!


So cute, but I can't believe the bra is gone forever.....:)


As cute as it was on Yindi, I'll bet you were glad to see the last of that bra. LOL I think I would have trouble keeping one hoop swinging, let alone five or six....great try, Ivy!

Denise K.

You have the cutest girls!

Bina :)

AWESOME I will have to fly around the world to see my favorite nieces performing at cirque du Soleil :)XXXX


So now you know the future professions of both of them (Yindi will be a lingeriemodel for sure ;-) )


they are absolutely gorgeous!


I love the second picture of Ivy--she looks so happy and excited! I loved hula-hooping when I was a kid and would do it all day.

sasha farina

Nidhi could hula all day, with 4 hoops at a time. I wish I have THAT talent.. LOL.. your girls are really peaches Em!!

roberta montgomery

so darn cute! ballet class...my girls have done it for ten + years and it is going by so fast...lovely pictures :)


Dear Em, forgive me but this comment has nothing to do with your post (although your children are adorable!) but I was wondering how you keep your dreads so neat- Do go to a salon for dread maintence- which one- whats your secret girl! Thanks!


More than sweet!!!!

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