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June 09, 2009



you look positively lovely em.


Aww, what a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. Awesome pix!


it's amazing how much they look like each other. meant to be together :) (and I do know their story from Denise's blog)


This post fits your header perfectly... life is beautiful. So glad yours shows that so easily...

denise lynnette

we adore you all over here at the boho home.

loved being with you.
loved sharing and be-ing.
we miss you already.

thank you for this.
got me all weepy!

love love love.
d (boho girl)


I don't know how long I've been reading your blog now but for some reason it seemed like those pictures of Ivy looked so grown up. I've always thought she was a cute little girl but in that first picture you can almost see a hint of the beautiful young lady she's becoming. Those big brown eyes alone are just beautiful!


Oh my goodness...I am LOVING that photo of you and Ivy. This week someone commented that Lucy will treasure the photos of her with her daddy...and I had never really thought of it that way before. It's such a gift to have these photos of you with the girls and with Mick...so that someday when you are gone, the photos will live on and will bring them such sweet memories!! xxoo


So adorable:) I miss my kids being little and smelling that yummy baby smell. My youngest is having his 8th grade graduation on Thursday. It's sad to see my baby grow up but I'm also happy because he's such a kind and wonderful young man.

P.s. - I see your wearing my necklace!! :)


I love that photo of Ivy lying on you. Feeling a bit teary today as my first born is 15! Seems like only yesterday I was holding his cute little standing up babyness (totally get Ivy). They do grow up so quickly. Even after 4, I'd be happy to have another little baby to love. Or even a 5 year old!


the photos of you & the girls are so beautiful em...and so are these ones of your friend & her cute little boy, how sweet is he ? bless ivy - getting in some big sissy practice already ! xxxx ps love that dress you are wearing, you look gorgeous !


That is a whole lot of cute in one room! Yindi cracks me up...those photos of her in the bra. Classic!


you are so beautiful....really like your blog

Erin {Juneau.Eco.Mommie}

love, love the photos
simply adorable

Christina Viering

Thanks for the pics! Very loveable!

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