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June 29, 2009


Christina from Melbourne

Happy Birthday to Yindi!

How I've adored watching you kids grow! And now I have one on the way so I watch with even more interest :)

P.S. I think she still has a couple of cute rolls (as judged by the photos with your friend in 'Yindi and Raa Raa') :D


no way, time flies hey. happy day cute cheeky girl. take lots of pics Em!


Yindi Willow -- Happy Birthday to you! We hope you loved your balloon and your special day with your big sis, mumma, daddy a bit later on and friends on the beach.
See you soon for some birthday belly kisses.
xoxo love from the girls over on hymettus.

Nely Barger

Happy Birthday Yindi!! So sweet and precious!!! They grow up so fast!!


Happy happy Birthday & at least 90 more to a sweet beautiful ray of sunshine xxxx

Lindsay R

soooo cute! thanks for sharing such a great selection of pictures of your sweet baby girl!


happy birthday!


I hope Yindi had a wonderful birthday. Love all the photos, time sure flies too fast.
Hang onto every moment.

Rebecca Vavic

Happy Birthday Yindi :)

Our Benjamin arrived today... on Yindi's birthday...Wowsers :)
I hadn't realized until I read this post.

Rebecca Vavic

Oh and he's a big chubby one too *grin*

sasha farina

Happy Birthday Yindi Sweetheart. You're so blessed, honey.


Elle est magnifique !!!!!




I can totally relate - my only child is turning 4 this week and I'm in that state of reflection. As much as you love seeing the person they are becoming you just want time to stand still just a little longer.

Happy Birthday, Yindi!


happy birtday little Yindi!!!!
kisses from all of us!!!;-)
Simona and family


Happy Birthday sweet, sweet Yindi!!

Lusi :)

2 already???!!! Wowsers mate! Happy belated birthday to beautiful Yindi :) Seems like yesterday Em.
Love to you mate,
Lus x


so beautiful! I love reading your blog so much. where did you find that wonderful elephant blanket/quilt?

Kelly Watts

I have picks of my second born just like these one's. He was so full of rolls ~ I love that age. Mine are now teenagers so I'm missing the baby stage. Thanks for sharing your lovely post.

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