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July 19, 2009


Sherri P eh

Em, you're taking such good care of us! Thanks! I'm sure you're crazy busy getting settled. Good luck with that!!
I can't think of recent recurring dreams, but last night I dreamed that I was having a discussion with President Obama over whether or not to adopt an adorable kitty, who was also present at the discussion! The SPCA wasn't sure I should take the kitty, since I have a big dawg, and then I woke up, so I don't know if we got a new family member or not. Maybe it will continue tonight!


during the us elections i reccurringly had dreams of speaking with sarah palin and barack obama. and quite often i have dreams of the littles i babysit. and a boy that i used to have a crush on.
i think i'm gonna have to start this 52Q thing.


found your blog :)
love the dreads!

Girl from Glen Forrest

glad to have you back em - hope you are coping with the cold brrrrr!!!!!

Francesca Di Leo

Emily - I've loved your art for a long time, and just found your blog! I'm so excited - just loved reading over your posts. Cool links, great pics.. you're awesome!!!! I especially loved the little video of your photo shoot. Soooooo damn cute. You have a beautiful little 'growing' family.

All the best..


Only one recurring dream in my life. It started when I was a young teenager. I was waiting for my husband in a huge house that was suppose to be ours. When I would open the door I could never see his face. It was blurred out. I could see height, build, hair, etc. Night of my 21st birthday I had it for the last time. Only when I opened the door I could see his face, and it was my best friend. He fit the build and all perfectly. I woke up in a cold sweat. My husband was sleeping next me to and my best friend was on our couch. I no longer get to speak to him as his wife HATES me. It was an odd reality. Especially that when the dream started I still had not even met him. I wouldn't meet him for another 5 years. But I had the dream every night for 7 years until I saw the face. I haven't had it since.


This question actually scares me because my recurring dream is a nightmare... when I studied at the university, I had to take several oral exams. During one of them, I had a complete blackout and failed miserably, so I had to take the test again. The second attempt was almost as bad... This was eight years ago, and I still dream that I won't be admitted to the final exams because I fail during a test.
Do I really want to make a tag out of this?


Yes, of moving to Barcelona!!! I hope it happens some day. :)


I have a recurring dream of an old best friend. I dream he is always trying to reach me in someway....when I have these dreams I always know to contact him because he needs a friend.

~ I have enjoyed reading everyone else's reponses. Thanks for the question.

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