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July 17, 2009


Pam M

Welcome home Em, so pleased you are all home safely
Love your Mum's home, what a beautiful homely feeling the photos portrays, are those beautiful quilts done by your Mum?
& the gorgeous roses bought no doubt just for your enjoyment


Are you trying to make me homesick???....coz it's working like a charm.....vegemite, fish and chips, Jenni.....it's all too much.....I may have to come visit you after all!....and have a day at Freo markets and Cicerello's and......Darlington!!!....sniff,sniff.....


Welcome home!


Oh, those first days home are always so SURREAL. It's like it's your life, but somehow you are seeing it from the outside. Like everything goes more slowly or something. I remember when I came back from a year away as an exchange student feeling just like that. And there's this feeling how you know you've changed, but other people don't see it. I wish you all the best. That period of rediscovery is so special.

Susan D.

How lucky for you to be able to go home, especially one that holds your childhood memories! Enjoy your time! Glad that you made it there safely!


How wonderful that you can be so adaptable, going with the flowing. Australia to LA and back, those are long voyages, literally different worlds. Enjoy it all because it's all good, isn't it?!


I love the way you describe in your first paragraph about how being home feels to you. It mimics the way I used to feel when coming home from being out west for long periods of time.
And your mom's house...gorgeous, comfy & cozy!!!


Welcome back to your home, hope your family gets some sunny days soon.

nadene - great southern wa

welcome back to wa - keep snuggly, warm and toasty ☺
there is truly nothing like home.


Just love your mom's kitchen! hopefully we'll see more photos of "home"!!!


Glad you're home with your family! I hope you enjoy every minute of it!

Sherri P eh

Glad you made it home safely! Isn't it strange how differently we look at things depending on our situation. It's not the same when you return to 'visit' than when you return to stay, for longer. I believe it's true what someone here wrote -- you're different inside, and you know it, but not everyone else can see or know that!
Your childhood home must be so wonderful to come home to -- it's so warm and beautiful and inviting. Enjoy!!

L. Bruner

Much joy and many blessings to you and your tribe as you return home!

Mandi Johnson

What a beautiful home! I can see having those feelings of home and nostalgia in this house even if you've never lived there before! :)


Wow do I know the feeling about being in between two worlds.

Enjoy this time.


have fun back home love!

Jo Andrew

Such cool feelings Emily, embrace them all! They will come flodding back left right and centre each time you see something change that you were used too like the oven. Eating vegemite with a spoon must be in their blood, it's an inbuilt Aussie thing to do :) Welcome back to the land of OZ!


Glad you all arrived safe and sound. Look forward to reading your adventures in Oz.

Traceyr :)


Your Mum's home looks very comfortable and cosy.

I really know how you feel. About almost 3 years ago I moved back to the small town in the Northwestern part of Germany where I was born... back to my parents house... after living in Vienna/Austria and some other big cities for almost 10 years. Waiting for the birth of my daughter. I was a little shocked too... how small everything was. But now - 3 years ago - I really enjoy living here. This small town feels good and right to raise a child and I would love to stay forever. But only God knows where this life will take me to (is that right in English?)

love from here to Australia.


So happy for you to be surrounded by your loved ones again. It will be such a comfort to have them round when the wee one arrives.
I really love your mum's place.
So cozy!

Shell (Wildflower Studio)

Hello Em,
I just found your beautiful blog the other day for the first time, and couldn't wait to hear more. Your old house is gorgeous, and your mom is beautiful, as are you and your family.
I LOVE how your kids are already eating vegemite, and out of the jar! I guess its in the blood!
Wishing you and your family all the best,
with love,


Your photos look amazing!! The lighting looks magical. I wish I could take photos like that!


Welcome back to the southern hemisphere :) Go on it isnt that cold down here LOL

LOVE your home and it is so cool you have a place to go back to and be safe and loved, that is so special and it is awesome you can share it with the girls and that little man (when he comes) as well

NKOTB - omg that is a blast from the past hee hee

Take care and enjoy being home xox


Oh, your moms kitchen looks like the most wonderful place. Lucky you to have a place like that to come home to.


Oh I am missing you! Im so happy you are safely home, I want to come to your mums and sit around that table. love love love and warm things coming soon!!! xxx

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