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July 23, 2009


Clare B

I love that you are in the same timezone as me, so I get to see your blog posts as they happen, rather than 12-24 hrs later. Such beautiful necklaces and such a beautiful friendship you have. I was soooo lucky to see the easy, comfortable, trusting friendship you guys have - in action! 6 months will fly by really quickly. You'll be back there before you know it.

Carrie :: Between Hitching Posts

Oh yes! I remember those necklaces. In fact I still have my half. Although I no longer wear it. Now I have a necklace with a celtic trinity knot. My mother gave one to me & one to my sister when we became mothers. She wears one as well as a symbol of the sisterhood we share as women. As mothers, daughters, sisters, grandma.
Yours are lovely. I love the handmade/unique quality of them & that they are a picture of you.
Happy memories!

rebecca shelor

em...this is the sweetest
thanks for sharing...

Sherri P eh

love them!

Eileen Weigand

Those are such beautiful necklaces you share!! It must make the adjustment back to Australia easier...:)


this is amazing... and a show of true friendship... love them too!!! these true blessings we have in our lives, are too beautiful to leave for any length of time!!!
tara will love it!!!


I love these.


i love this.

so sweet!


wow those are so awesome!!

nicole renee

They are lovely " )


Love that! It is so sweet! Those necklaces are so beautiful!!!


these are so special.
what a precious keepsake.



Michelle Howell

I absolutely love this. Thank you for sharing. I need to do something special for my BFF.


i adore this. such a beautiful friendship the two of you share.


those are truly works from the heart:)


what a beautiful and meaningful gift to symbolise the bonds of love and friendship between you and tara.

Erin {Juneau.Eco.Mommie}

adorable, deeeeeliciouso
:))) lucky girlie you!


NICE - thank you for sharing - once in a life time friendship. stay well and take care of the beansprout'g growing environment - hope the journey to the loo is not too long - winter - yeah....


So sweet it makes me want to cry!


very beautiful!

Andria B.



oh how I love these! You two are precious beauties.


What gorgeous photos
and gorgeous necklaces!

I love them so much!

I remember sharing best friend charms with my BFF in middle school (and still my BFF 22 years later!)

Gives me an idea to upgrade our old charms in the future ;)

mary ann k.

wow! you both must have been in tears when you left for australia , you both look like you were the best of friends awww... it makes me sad cuz I know good friends are hard to find but you have the necklaces to remind you that your still both there , thats awesome! ; P

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