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July 22, 2009



he he he!!! Those were all of my misses too apart from the loo outside! he he, ohhh Em, I cant stop laughing!


Oh man!

We live here in California in a little old house and we don't have a dishwasher or disposal, so I feel your pain. I'll let you know if the rickety old heater work in about.. five months!

But the toilet thing... You win, hands down! :D

Have a lovely day!

Alison Exelby

oh no a loo outside and in winter too....when i went to america for a couple of weeks on holiday i couldnt believe they have drive thru banks, im in nz and love our little country


Ha...when I last lived over in Sydney, I almost put in an application for a really cute little house, that had an outdoor toilet..across the yard. In winter. Luckily for me, I came to my senses in time. Oh, and it didn't have an oven. I think that was really the clincher.


oh, it is still wonderful to be back with family in WA, right!?!
i don't really like the idea of an outside loo, especially in about the only cold snap we've had all winter!!!
welcome home to you!!!


There is hope, I live in the UK and used my first ever pay at the pump petrol station yesterday! It was exciting :)

I couldn't do the outhouse though...

Ros Davidson

In melbourne you can pay at the pump for your petrol using your credit card. Think it works for eftpos too... Need to know the pin for credit though.


Oh gosh hope its a flush toilet,not a pan or pit.


An outhouse??? Oh you poor dear!

Ruby Sugar

Please tell us the outside toilet is a real toilet that flushes. Of all the conveniences of modern living, indoor plumbing is my hands down favorite!


I feel your pain! I've been through it all. I even warned Chels before she went back!

rebecca shelor

Oh my gosh.... I KNOW we are so spoiled here, arent' we? too spoiled!
Keep the faith em!


you sound like you have been caught in a time warp and that you are in the year 1920.

My granny used to have an outside lavvy and I specifically recall having to share it with many spiders. There was a nail in the wall that held sheets of that repulsive izal medicated toilet PAPER, not soft tissue.

You must make a snuggly botty seat warmer - with your crafting skills theer are many solutions xx


An outhouse...? You aren't out in the bush are you? Poor you, in the middle of the night - outside...I can't even imagine.

I remember my brother's apartment in Paris. It was super expensive but you had to buy your own kitchen cabinets and closets and fridge and it was a rental! The fridge was so small; I kept thinking - how will you fit anything at all in that thing.

The cultural differences are always interesting to say the least!


I miss you already, sweetie. Say . . . where would one send a package to find you--does that go directly to the outhouse?

Le Anne

Really, your last comment is that you want to pay for petrol at the pump...? I would think that you would go back to the OUTDOOR TOILET!!!! UM BUGS...and ummmm BUGS! Dark, cold, outside, cold bum! Wow, home sweet home! All kidding aside, I hope that the transition is a smooth one and that you feel enveloped by your family and country. I can see that your friends miss you very much back here in CA. Take care and I wish you a blessed delivery of you new babe!


I live in Argentina where things are also very different from the united states !!!!
we are sharing our winter with australia !!!

Please send us a photo of the bathroom, I can imagine it as the Ingalls outside bathroom...

Relax and enjoy your family, nothing can compete with being close to them.

jackie d

Oh my gosh, no inside toilet?? How far behind is australia??? I thought they were all modernized, why would anyone want to travel there??? Sorry I must be reallly spoiled, I am not leaving the good old usa, for nothing!!! Just the thought of bugs out there, eeekkkk!!!


My grandfather had a rickety old outhouse when I was little and my sister and I were afraid to use it! One would go while the other stood at the open door holding hands for safety.

Glad you are enjoying the other comforts of home even if you don't have an indoor loo or pay at the pump.

Nicole Renee Martin

We do have it made here I will give you that. heehee " ) So sorry about the outhouse thing though. Hope it gets better.

(If it helps I would LOVE to go to Australia to visit. " )

Heather H.

Wow! I'm not sure what I would have the hardest time dealing with(out). But I'm going to say the bathroom! Although pay-at-the-pump did change my life!


May the outhouse pretty....paint, candle holder, little rug.... hanging bags of pretty things....

or is it already...even a little aphgan to keep warm.....

I think too often, we have too much here in the US, junk, clutter, comsummerism..... I long for simpler....not sure if an outhouse is in that longing...but maybe some tradeoffs are worth it!


(i have an american flag all ready and set up to mail so you can fly it from your veranda!)




Em, you will have everyone thinking the whole of Australia is like that. LOL

I have a waste disposal in the house we rent but I'm afraid to use it...I have no clue. Plus I've heard you need to run water while using it and we are on water restrictions due to drought. I LOVE my dishwasher and we have two toilets inside the house. Are you on dial-up where you are now? I'm on Broadband but I've heard the rest of the world still have faster internet speeds than we do and at better rates. I know there are some spots around Brisbane where you can pay at the pump.

I couldn't eat the bread in the States for all the time we were there....it tasted way too sweet. I LOVE our Aussie bread! OH, and I missed the Aussie sausage rolls and pies when we were in the States. That was 9 years ago and I've now been vegetarian for the past five years. :)


ha ha, I just moved to Aus from Africa so I think I'm in luxury!! Actually I am exagerating a bit, in South Africa there is plenty of luxury in places, and plenty of poverty, but beat this: there is someone who pumps your petrol for you, then takes your card to the office so you dont even get out the car!! And you pay him for it. But I'm in QLD in the 'outback' and we are pretty civilised here!!

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