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August 04, 2009


Tanya W

this question could be an interesting one with lots of interesting answers i think....i might ask a few people this question and see what they come up with lol definally going to be fun


My friend and officemate Abby described me in the best possible way this last week. It may be my most favorite as well as the most accurate description of me ever AND it's in 3 words: a sophisticated hippie. (: Love this! Oh and we've been wondering in my office...got any names picked out yet?


this is my favorite tag ever i think. i am in love with the dots and the design.

three words:
mick don alds



I know a few of my friends would say three words that describe me are: crazy cat woman!

mama kim

ah... these photos make me down right happy!

Shell (Wildflower Studio)

So hard to stick to just 3, but I guess it would be: creative nature lover
Come visit me sometime :)

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