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August 17, 2009


Alison Exelby

Fingers crossed for you too that your baby turns, babies around the wrong way are no fun at all


im fingers crossed my little down period is going to turn into an up one soon its so draining xx turn baby turn x


Agh, I'm so behind on my 52Q....will have to have an arty afternoon soon to catch up.


My now 25 year old son was sideways..but they didn't realize it until I was in labor..tryed to put him head down but he wasn't havin it!!! BUT I must say he is the coolest kid ever and never gave me any headaches in high school, Got his bachelors in art-married the sweetest girl and is a free lance animator in LA!! Soooo..all the said, maybe its a sign!!!LOL!! but fingers crosssed he'll get his little head down!! hugs!!
Oh!! What do you think of dreads on a fifty year old gal?? They look sooo cute! But I wonder if my kids would think mom had REALLY lost it!!LOL!


I am hoping your baby turns too! Sideways is not good, baby! Crossing my fingers that we can get my baby girls room done soon. She is almost 8 months old and is still in our room. (which is ok with me, but she really does need her own space)


I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'll get around to catching up with my tags, I'm way behind.

Fingers crossed that your little one turns!!!

Max, my son was sideways all the way through my pregnancy, until the day I was in hospital getting ready for my planned ceaserian.


well, since you mentioned, I'll cross my fingers for your baby to turn head down and not cause his/her mama any trouble with positioning :)

Have you looked at www.spinningbabies.com ? They have many suggestions on how to help your baby get into optimal position for birth... Good luck!

Lindsay R

be sure to check out your super cool "birthing from within book"...i think there were some ideas in there for things you could do to help your little fishie swim the right way...i'm crossing my fingers for you, too!


I'm reeeeeaaaaaallly hopin' that wee one turns for you!!!
My last "litter" (twins) included a breach and a transverse...and no way could I deliver them without a section. (18lbs 3 oz together) No room to move, you know?
Anyway.....I wouldn't wish a section for you, so I hope all things turn out as they should.
(no pun intended)


Hope your little one turns. My last one pulled that little trick...he was 9#11oz, so I am hoping yours isn't that big and comes out nicely for you :) Bless you and your beautiful family :)


Go baby go! Head down little one!

I have fingers, toes, and anything else I can get crossed crossed! We need another little miracle to get clearance to take our Ruby baby home from Michigan, where we adopted her last week. Our home state is fretting over details and has not given us the okay yet and we are SO anxious to get home to our Carter!


i have been training for a marathon (26.2 miles) and i recently hurt my lower right leg. I am hoping it's just shin splints and not a stress fracture, my marathon is two months from today so I hope i can get back out on the road soon.

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I'm crossing my fingers for something which I don't really want to happen. LOL!!!

jo marks

I'm singing The Byrds song "Turn! Turn! Turn!"
hope you're all ok xx


Woul dyou beleive I AM a Perth girl (so excited you're in WA! how cool is that! You mentioned you were coming back to Oz but I figured it would be over East!) and have been wanting to get dreads for a while now with increasing intensity! Thanks for the hot tip! :)


Whoops! Comment on wrong post - sorry about that!


Fingers x'd for your baby to get down! My little guy was heads up until 36 weeks and 6 days, and he was 8 pounds by then. We tried a million things to encourage him to turn, but what seemed to help the most was doing an hour of handstands in the pool. (The other people thought we were crazy!!)


well, i was crossing MY fingers for something else...but the "turning baby" thing seems A) more important and B) more timely, so count me in on *THAT* instead! ♥

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