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August 23, 2009



I LOVE my home...I try to keep it pretty serene,only things I love too. I have like NO money so I've become pretty adept at repurosing...great window curtains from sheets etc! But Even if I had the $ to spend I would seriously still repurpose!! Gives it such a personal touch!

Tanya W

wow only 8 suitcases i don't think i could do it to be honest hehe, i think all my scrapbooking would take up a good 2-3 suitcases hehe let alone photos books kids clothes etcetc etc lol

Sherri P eh

I'm impressed at what you can do with 8 suitcases Emily. We just returned from a trip to your Sunshine coast, bearing gifts for new grandbabies. We thought we'd come home with empty suitcases, but couldn't resist your Aussie crafts and goodies, so we came home with a borrowed suitcase, stuffed as well.(and Tim Tams in the carry ons!)

Nicky from Canada

8 suitcases is tough - we moved our daughter to Vancouver via airplane and 6 suitcases and and sent 10 boxes (bonus) ahead. Tough going on the packing - especially with kids (she doesn't have any yet)
My priority is always my homemade quilts and my pictures!
The rest can be replaced.


I only just found your blog...I love this tag art and the question per week. Where do you buy your tags? Love this concept. I want to check out what you are doing here in more detail...cheers! Mary@joyfulploys


ok, i CANNOT imagine moving *anywhere* with only eight suitcases... (& there are only TWO of us!!!) ...but it was fun to think about what makes our house our HOME! (and then afterwards, to wonder, "do we NEED all of the OTHER stuff that's here, too??!?!")

thank you! :)

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