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August 02, 2009


Alison Exelby

Sounds very nice and peaceful, im looking forward to spring and summer arriving so we can spend more time on our deck of the living area.


*sigh... this sounds very happy, happy!

Thank you for sharing Ms. Magpie with us, she must be so please to fly down and rest a spell with your darling little one.

Sweet dreams to you and your family,



Dorothy said it best..."There's no place like home" :)


love the first picture.

Tanya W

sounds like heaven hehe....we have heaps of geekos at our place (we are in NZ) and they are so cute, not so cute when they come inside when there is a 20 month old boy inside to hehe

Leanne Love

Ahhh looks and sounds like total bliss Em. Welcome back to the greatest island in the world......


Pam M

just beautiful veiws


awww she is so cute! Your location sounds dreamy, soak it up :)

Alison Gibbs

What a beautiful spot to live


Lovely description of your home. Felt like I was there. I think magpie song would be one thing I would really miss if I ever lived anywhere other than Australia. It sounds like home to me!


you know macca on abc radio sunday morning? well he plays this lovely birdsong - it has magpies and all sorts singing away - it is just so so lovely ☺


What a great photo of Yindi and the magpie. Some people don't like these birds but I think they are beautiful.


mama kim

this is just beautiful,and makes me happy!


So that's what a magpie looks like! If I had a view like that I'd never want to leave it either. Thanks for sharing.


How totally cool! From the heat of Texas enjoy the outdoors. Hugs


Aw, what a beautiful picture you've painted with your words. Oz is such a magical place. :)

Christina from Melbourne

Hi Em,

You should check out this Etsy store - she's a Scottish girl who now lives in melbourne, and does the most fantastic Australian magpie prints! http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5347472&order=&section_id=&page=1

I bought one from her last year some time that was so cute! It's up in my lounge room and it makes me smile all the time, and think of the 'talking' magpie we had at our last house :)


Love it, bless you!


Is Ivy happy to be back? Did she have a total rediscovery when she returned? I love that you get the same experience with Yindi there that you did with Ivy....and with your new little one on the way!

Thanks for sharing all your happiness. It's contagious!

mary ann k.

wow! I know what you mean i just moved back to my desert home from Hollywood and the memories just come rushing back ,isn't it amazing? Sweet pictures. ; )


so glad you are settling in at home. love seeing these pics. smooches.

Dixie Lee

Feeling the culture shock!! 16th floor - city of 6 million...

missing those plowed fields and pine forests of the US south....and the banana trees and bamboo stands of southeast Asia!


oh so luscious!

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