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August 29, 2009



Oh my- I so wish I could come soem day and see them all live too :) The wombat really cracks me up :)


Wow! Fab day out and I just love that wombat!
Sue xx

kathy koo

wow which park is this? my kids would love it.

Karen C.

oh my goodness. your children are so lucky. we have a children's book called, "Found You Little Wombat". He looks so adorable!

Sarah M

what a cool experience for your little girls! The most we see of those is in a zoo, and you definitely can't pet them there! Amazing.
Sarah M
ps-if you like Wombats, your littlest might like the (adorable!) story called "I Curl up In A Ball" about a spunky wombat!

Holly C.

How great to be able to get up close and personal with all these wonderful animals!☺


These pictures are so sweet! I want to visit Australia now so I can play with baby kangaroos!


Oh how cute and snuggly!



How cute.

Brit S.

My goodness- this is so awesome! I don't think I've ever seen a wombat before. They look so cute and funny-looking. :) I find it amazing that you have kangaroos in your garden sometimes- I don't think I've ever seen one in real life even. Amazing pictures! Thanks for sharing. :) I think I need to come visit Australia now...


Oh my! My older dog actully looks a little like a small wombat... How fun! Thanks for sharing, :D

Amy Tangerine

AMAZING! I want to go there right this second. I have a stuffed animal wombat from my trip down under in 2001. It's my favorite. Miss you guys!!


WOW - you post the coolest stuff. I love learning about living over there, it's so interesting all the different things. LOVE these posts of yours!! Thank you!

L. Bruner

Love it! Just called my two girls over to see your photos. It is such an amazing thing to be able to introduce your children to such amazing creatures. We all especially love the wombat. Last night we read the book "Sometimes I Like to Curl Up in a Ball" which has a wombat as the main character. It is nice to be able to show the girls what a real wombat looks like. Thank you so much for sharing!


ohh geesh, this reminds me of a few weeks ago when Mum and I took Hattie to the local wildlife park. She was feeding this whopping great kangaroo and out of the blue it booted her with its back feet. She went flying and was traumatised for about 15 minutes. She even got a big welt on her chest!!! We think its cause she was wearing a bright red coat!!!!! She loves the wombats now!


Cute animals and cute little girls, I want to visit Australia some day !!!!

jackie d

Well, not sure about the wombat but goddness, austarlian men are pretty darn cute! hahahaha! I would love to see a kangaroo up close, but with my luck with animals I would surely get "booted"!!
I put australia back on my to see list, now that I know you have cute potty houses with mosaic floors! hee-hee!


so wonderful!!!


What a perfect Aussie day!!! Roos are the cutest!!! Your girls looked like they were having a joyous time. :)


Okay Wombats are weird LOL Love all the pics and glad they were friendly kangeroos we dont have much weird stuff over here across the ditch - YEAH RIGHT hee hee hee xoxo


i love australian animals...and that wombat looks like a small child you could snuggle with

Amanda McGregor

thought I recognised the background in the roo photos - I have exactly the same wombat photo except with surrounded by boys not girls!


wow!! what a wonderfull place!!! :D


You're girls are adorable! How fun to get to pet those cool animals. Love the wombat!


I chose a koala bear as the animal I wanted to be when I was a kid. How cute they are! And so cool that you and the girls got to touch those animals. It's so neat to see different types of animals than we see at our zoos. The girls look happy, awesome photos!

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