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August 04, 2009



we are in heaven & very very happy to have you all here with us xxxxxx

Jo Andrew

I love that Australia is so distinct that you can tell with out even saying just by looking at your pictures that you are here in Australia :) I love winter sun too!


ah, looks like so much fun for you, guys :) I've been really itching to move out into the country lately (our bedroom sized backyard is just not cutting it with 3 little ones) and your post is not helping me to keep that 'itching' suppressed...

Tanya W

and what better place to be on what looks like a lovely sunny warm day.....lovley photos


What a great tree! It looks like something out of "Lord of the Rings!"



Dixie Lee

Soak it up. Breathe in deep. When the girls are grown and far away, this is what they will smell, hear, and see when they remember their childhood.



Oh wow that tree in the first picture is SO COOL!

Your belly is so lovely! You're just gorgeous pregnant :)


Your dreads! Have you decided that you're doing away with them?

Your family just make my soul happy. Thank you for sharing with us. <3 <3 <3


Hey Em, so fun to see your pics... so happy you are home to have the baby. : )


Those are great pics! Looks like a beautiful place!


Cucumber spectacles are the new black.

jamie v

If THIS is winter in the land down under... I'm packing my bags!!!


you guys look so happy! yay.
California didn't take the aussie out of you after all. :)

Christa Kelso

Wow!! Australia is beautiful!! And so are your girls :)
-Mini Baker


Well, outside looks absolutely beautiful!

Enjoy your sunshine & picnics.




love these photos...
so funny
and love to get a glimpse
of somewhere
other than here...
since i never travel...


beautiful pics ! LOVE the last one !


You're really going to have to forgive me for asking as I swear I have blinked & missed something, but have you moved back to the place you lived when you were pregnant with Yindi?
I took a new job this time last year & it has totally consumed me. I was so determind to make it work as it was a very forward, positive thing for "scaredy cat little me" to do. The job is 32 mile commute away & doing something I had no training in. Now it is all going well & i am finding myself with plenty of hours to craft instead of cramming my head with information.
I had planned to do this 52 week challenge & it is so far on I must write them all down & try to make a start!!!!! What am I like!!

Christina Chiodo

Emily! Where are you? Have you had the baby? It's not like you to not write for so long.......


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