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September 18, 2009


Kim H.

Yay! Congratulations to the whole Falconbridge family!


Em was absolutely amazing - such an inspiration, so peaceful, calm & grateful for everything. Baby is beautiful - we all adore him & are thrilled to welcome him to earth & to our family.
Jeni (proud Granni)

Dale Anne

I've been checking daily....LOVE the name!
Welcome to Banjo William.
{{{{{HUGS}}}}} to everyone and look forward to pictures when you are able!!!


Hooray for baby (big) banjo!! Many blessings and much love to your beautiful family! :)

Rebecca Vavic

Congratulations sweet woman!!!
You are amazing!!!
10 pounds 8 ounces... he is a BIG boy.
Ben was only 10p 5o... so I almost know.
Lovely to read your Mum's comment :)
Welcome Banjo William.
Congratulations to you all...enjoy every moment as you bathe in the love and joy of your new addition to your lovely family.
Much love and hugs



Erin {Juneau.Eco.Mommie}

fabulous news...can't wait to see photos of the little doll.

Michelle A

I don't normally make comments but just wanted to congratulate you on baby Banjo! I've been following your blog for a while now and have been checking daily to see if the new arrival had finally come. You are an inspiration to all mothers! All the best to you and your family!!
Michelle A
Alberta, Canada


Congratulations! Banjo shares a birthday with my two younger sisters & brother (they are triplets), who turned 26 today. :) Love reading your blog :)

sue brown

congratulations Em and family. Enjoy this wonderful time together.


Yay!!! Huge huge congrats!!!!!


Welcome banjo! Well done Em :)




Congrats Em and family on your new little bundle of joy....so glad he arrived safe and well.


and banjo was his namo.....

OMG....I love it !

congrats em and family...and well, that includes you too, tara !!!
we are soooo excited for all of you and can't wait to meet the new little dude in your lives :)


Congrats Falconbridge Family, welcome to that Big Baby Banjo. How cute of a name!


What delightful news!!! A little brother to be much loved. Congratulations.


Ohh, how wonderful! Congratulations!!

(I usually follow your blog via Google reader and don't comment so much, but now I wanted to wish you all the best!)

mary alice

CONGRATULATIONS! what a little miracle i know he must be.


hoot hoot!! Well done!!!

heather m.

What wonderful and incredibly happy news for your sweet family! So exciting for your girls to have a cute little baby brother to mother and fuss over, it's all so fun!


weeeee! congrats, Emily! Sounds like you had wonderful birth and did a fantastic job birthing that boy! Hope you're getting plenty of newborn snuggles, rest, and lovin' from everyone around you... Have a peaceful joyful babymoon :)


over the moon for you
and your family
homebirth---ecstatic for you


Congratulations Em, Mick, Ivy and Yindi and Welcome Banjo, a very aussie name.


so happy for em and the family!
today we celebrate the jewish new year, it's a very special and meaningful holiday.
exactly 17 years ago i gave birth to my triplet and was so proud of having them born on this special day.
yesterday i wrote about it - it' in hebrew but you can see the boys pictures...


wish you all peace and love!

yael from israel

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