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September 18, 2009



Congratulations!! Great name!! Can't wait to see photos.

Judi W

Congradulations to the whole family! No matter how many billions of times we humans have done this it's always a miracle to create life.
Blessings to all

kristen Van Dyke

yay! congratulations! looking forward to photos!


Congrats on your strapping big boy - well done Em and family.
A little boy to start evening up numbers in the family!
from Shani in QLD

Rachel M



Welcome Banjo! We are so glad to have you here. What a gift you are to your family and to us all. Many smiles to come.


oh my goodness - I've been a terrible blog follower lately but decided to check in and see if you had had your "little" baby yet - and there he is! What a sweet boy he looks and I love the name - congrats!


congratulations on your newest blessing! :)


May God bless Banjo! What a sweet and strong baby boy! Well done, Em!

Mucho amor from Chile,



congratulations Em! so excited to hear that your little guy has finally made his appearance and that all is well :)


Congratulations Sweet Em Mick Ivy and Yindi and Tara too!
Welcome a gorgeous patch of blue to your sweet family - WOw Banjo what a big boy!
Well done Em for "pushing out Big Banjo"
Well done Ivy for her lullabies...
Lots of love


congrats! I just had my first little one on saturday, september 19th! what a fabulous time for babies!!! and little banjo looks so absolutely sweet. glad to hear all went well.

Dr. Jen

Can't wait to meet Big Banjo Bill. LOL SOOOOO proud of you!


OH WOW! I am soooo out of touch... HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to you all... What a little beauty!!! Well not so much with the little... my god WOMAN you are a LEGEND!!!) LOVE HIS NAME TOO.


congratulations!!!!! happy kisses from italy
you gave me the idea ......at pacs italy.....my husband would like a third baby.....but some doubts....you are a great family!!!! enjoy it!!!!!
love and kisses

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