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September 18, 2009



Congratulations on the addition to your beautiful family. Oh how that baby boy is going to be pampered by his big sisters!


Congrats to Em and family.. and Welcome to the world Banjo.. glad you are here..


Congratulations Em!!
Love the Aussie name!!
I wish you and your family all the love health and happiness in the world.........from another Aussie far away from home in Greece


congratulationssssssssssss Emilyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!
A big kiss to Banjooooo, i would like to see a photo of him!!!;-)
big kisses


Congrats on your new blessing!


congrats - you are going to LOVE having a boy!


Congratulations!!! :)

amy j.

Congrats Em! WOW on Banjo's size...nearly 11 lbs Emily, my mercy.

You're one tough cookie. I hope you're doing well and can't wait to see pics of the little...um...big booger (not the gross kind of course ;).


Yes!!! we cant wait for pics!!!!! Would you share your birth story too????? I bet your mama and dad are just over the moon with you all there and getting to take care of you and their precious Grandbaby!!(can you tell Im a gma too!!!-we have 3 little girls!)Give your mama a hug from a complete staranger would you???LOL!

Oh!!!! Ive been soo meaning to tell you this...this is soo RANDOM..while i should be just congratsing you on baby..i wanted to tell you we saw "Hurley" from Lost ( i know ur a Lost Fan) at LAX when we were coming back from Kauai!!!! I said hi and he smiled!!!!!!!!LOL!!! Anyways, have a GREAT day!!!!!!XO!


Congratulations to all at the Falconbridge household.

Health, wealth and happiness to all.


Traceyr x x x x

judy in carefree

Congratulations to all!


woohoo! welcome big boy! i love me a big chubby cheeked baby. you are the woman em!


welcome to the world Big Banjo! Blessings to all the Falconbridge's! What a glorious celebration ~ enjoy!!


so happy for you and your family! Glad Banjo arrived safe and sound and you and doing well, looking forward to the first photos of this little boy. love tena


That is one big boy! Congrats on the new addition to your family! Very exciting!


Congratulations to you and your family! Can't wait to see some photos of your beautiful baby boy! What a great addition to your family!


congratulationssssssssss yuppyyyyy I can't wait to see big banjiooo banjio lory and massimo love you already!!!
Em we love you all I think of you always!
a huge hug lory and massi


LOVE the name!!!
I can't to see pics of those chubby cheeks!!!

cindy barriga



Congratulations! What a darling name. Loved the update. So exciting for the girls to have a little brother. :)

Louise D

Congratulations. So very happy for you - and it is my birthday too. A nice organised little virgo for you! Well done and I too love the name.


Congratulations to you and your family, Em!! I love the name Banjo and I am so glad things went so smoothly for you!! xoxo

Shane and Meg

Much, much love to all of the family and a big welcome to big Banjo! Praying all is well and you are all happy and in love!


wahoo! welcome baby B! wow - he's already a strapping young fellow, eh? congrats!!!!


Congratulations to all of you and welcome Banjo - what a wonderful exciting time - enjoy.

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