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September 06, 2009



The Making Space for your Goddess to Shine eCourse sounds wonderful. What a great opportunity!

Jenny B.

Divine decluttering...I could use this!


oh what a gift....to be shown how to declutter my life and shine.
thanks for the opportunity Em xo


Oh - what a wonderful opportunity!
I'm crossing my fingers....
Thank you!


Gosh I could really use a magical de-cluttering course! :)

Thanks for the chance to win, hope your pregnancy is going well!

Janelle Eller

I feel like I am a creative person who has not nurtured that side of herself enough. I could use the help.


Oh my goodness.... my goddess is so hidden away I need some major help.


My goddess is buried in the hall closet with all the winter coats . She has been trying to get out lately but to no avail due to medical needs with multiple children. I would love to create (force myself) and rediscover her again!

jo marks

making space for your goddess to shine sounds like JUST what i need (I actually found out about this via unravelling this week!) hope you're well lovely xxx


Who couldn't use some decluttering!?


I would like the creative course, but what I *need* is the decluttering course. Either way, I appreciate the opportunity to win. Thank you!


this sounds amazing!


Oh those little gnomes in the above post are freaking adorable! Toooooo terribly cute.

Goddess! I wanna be a goddess, that sounds like total fun!!


I've seen this! Would totally love it. I think I'd have a hard time deciding which one. :)



oh!My inner-goddess cannot see the light for my cluttered home! I would be so grateful for this!

Sally Sellke

This sounds like the course for me I seriously need to declutter right now.


oooo the decluttering one sounds great! Could do with a bit of that before my baby comes. Cant be long till your little bundle arrives too :)


Learning to make time for my creative goddess is exactly what I need. Thanks so much for offering this awesome giveaway!


sounds wondeful, need something to shake the winter creative web ruts away !


The Creative Goddess e-course would be my choice if I was to win this, and it would be perfect timing as I'm just starting to discover that I have creativity in me, at the ripe old age of 37 no less.


wow sounds exactly what i need at this moment to declutter


sounds like an amazing course that will bring blessing to whoever wins.
There is a goddess in every woman :D some of us just have her more hidden than others ;)

Ma Val

I could use a little of both courses! Help my Goddess help me! Thanks.


E courses! What a wonderful idea!


I so need this class! I look around my home sweet home and it is more home mess home! Thanks for the chance!

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