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September 06, 2009


Mary Ann

Wow! Do I need this kind of help, or what?! Great giveaway!

Mary Ann

Jaime P

De-clutter!? PICK ME PICK ME! Thank you for such a great contest!


this looks like a fun one!


Exactly what I need! To find the goddess within!!! Thanks for a chance! :)


WOW Em, I took a look at my home and the clutter is too much scrapping stuff!!!
It is everywhere - poking its head out of drawers, wardrobes, under beds, on top of shelves
I think I really NEED this special self present!!


Sounds like great courses !!! Thanks for the opportunity !


I really *need* the de-cluttering course. Hope it's not too late to enter. I can't wait to see the new babe in your arms too!

Denise K.

Me! I would love to be a clutter-free goddess,...ahhhhh, that sounds divine. I'm much in need of that!

michelle shopped

making space -- oh yeah! you must be birthing your littlest one about now...looking forward to the announcement!


Looks like it's made for me ;)
Great idea and wonderful giveaway, and thanks for the link anyway - I need some INTENSE decluttering...


Wow such perfect time I've been in the de-cluttering mood all week!
Off to check out that website it sound great!!

Leslie Greene

I heart the Goddesses! I would love either of these classes!

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