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September 16, 2009



oh... I so remember this. My son was almost two weeks "late". I am sending you good labour vibes from the other side of the world... x

Clare B

Hey you.. have been thinking of you for days. Didn't want to ring, just in case I interrupted - that would be a tad awkward! Love the photos of your dad with Yindi. Too cute for words. Lovin ya. You eating lots of curry? and all them other things that are meant to bring labour on? Sending you plenty of positive vibes from down this way.


I forgot to say that I so like the "back shot" - still smiling...

Wendy Sice

Ha! That photo of Yindi cracks me up! (He, he). Wendy xxx

sara lambert

Has to be a lazy boy! My son was induced at 42 weeks! Good luck xx (PS, I am good friends with Anne Hafermann - she lives just down my road and I know you guys are friends too!)


I love the saying: In the fullness of time. I felt very full when my daughter was a week overdue. All the best with what's about to happen, in the fullness of time.


you look fantastic....this wee one has a mind of its own no doubt! Keep up the good work and love the backside photo. Sending you very speedy labor vibes.

michelle shopped

lol -- i love yindi's "plumber's crack" a la original saturday night lives with akroyd and belushi -- i bet she is quite the ham!


I'll be sending you vibes all day!!


Can't help myself... I've been browsing your blog every day to see whether Baby has come or not. Good luck all the way from Sweden! (That must be worth something.) :-)


Lots of easy labor vibes being sent your way! Thinking of you Em! I was wondering last night/this morning if you had had your little one just yet. Excited that you had posted when I awoke - whichever the case had been. :) Good luck and thanks for sharing the pix!


Haha, Yindi is too cute!


that's a boy for ya - staying where it's cozy


love love the baby plumber crack. Nothing cuter than baby bums! I admit I've been checking daily for a baby update. Sending you lots of labor vibes and praying that your little one just comes out easily!


Sending laboour vibes your way. Enjoy the WA bush.


I grabbed my coffee this am, checked my email and ran as fast as i could- Do you RUN from one scene to the next?? der..) to see if you had the baby!!! Im sorry sweetie..those last few days really are the longest...and you are so ready to smack everyone who asks you "you haven't had the baby yet?' Obviously..not... Id want to pop them on the head!!!! I was always late!!!! Sigh!Yes i tried everything...Even having a little "fun" with hubby...Im sure Mick wouldnt mind!!!!!!! Well good luck! Enjoy the last few days of just spending time with Yindi and Ivy...cuz at their high school,college graduations, weddings etc...it really won't matter!!! Love and hugs1!!!! Oh and Tell your mama I think she is sooo wonderful for raising such awesome kids herself!!!!! XXXXOOO from Calif.!!!!!


Lovin' the picture of little Yindi's bottom!! Yes, even in the womb, boys don't like to let go of their mama, do they?!? :)Good luck and best wishes!


good luck em! and we think you look fantastic. fantastic and ready.


Love the pictures. And I could eat Yindi - that pic of her in the puddle is to die for. Good luck. Must be a lazy boy.

maggie ann.

Dearest Em,
It has been very fun to share in your pregnancy journey. I too have been gestating along with you, just days apart. I was "due" September 8th, and our wee light being is still nestled within my womb as I type this.
I am sending you so much love, light, and gentle thoughts of opening. May your labor be empowering!

Most Sincerely,
Maggie Ann.

nadene, wa

find a bumpy paddock and go for a hoon - that might just do the trick. Or my daughter waved her fairy wand over a gf stomach and she went into labour a few hours later! we can courier that to you?!?!

my son wasn't in a hurry to come into the world and he is now 16 and still is never in a hurry ☺

tara pollard pakosta

I hope you have the baby sooN!!! & for your patience and sanity to stay strong!

tara pp


what a beautiful thing...the pregger bod. Here's a few vibes your way...downward baby, downward baby...


Sending pain-free labour vibes your way.....


Sara R.

Sorry you're "over-due". It's tough! At least you look beautiful!

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