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September 07, 2009



it's beautiful! and ivy's looking pretty grown up. you must be so proud, mama. :)


Good for her...you go girl! What a great feeling of accomplishment.


Yay for Ivy! :)


Ivy - your knitting is so colourful and so neat !! I am SOOOOO proud of you, lots of love
Granni xxxxx

Alison Gibbs

Ivy what a cute bag.


so sweet!!!


what a clever girl you are Ivy xo


Well done Ivy! This looks great, hope you enjoyed making it.

annette clark

Oh the dying art revived through the hands of an enthusiastic child...well done Ivy...
keep on knitting...i will be excited to see the koala when you are done kinitting it.... Great Australia icon...

(Chelsea's mum in Tasmania)


Way to go IVY!!!! Knitting is something you can enjoy for the rest of your life. That's just so awesome!

Holly C.

Knitting in school? How wonderful!

Lovely job, Ivy.☺


fantastic job!!!
love the colors!


Ivy, you are such a clever girl! You should be very proud of your beautiful flute case....love the rainbow colours.

Angie D in Ohio

Great job Ivy. My little niece Audrey is in 4th grade and needs something like this for her flutophone.

Is there a new sister or brother in your house yet?


WOW!!!!!!! You MADE that Ivy??? You Are Awesome!!!!!!! I've always wanted to learn to knit!!!! Fantastic job!

michelle shopped

dang she is adorable! i was so proud of my knitting at her age too -- they used to teach it in school in ireland but i don't think they do anymore...


What beautiful work Ivy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I wish I had knitting in school!!! Awesome!

Sherri P eh

Lovely work Ivy -- you're so talented! And I love the colour choices! I too wish there was knitting in school here!


Ivy, you are so blessed to pick up an art that you will enjoy during your lifetime. Now can you teach an old lady how to knit?


Congratulations Ivy on completing your first knitting project.

Hope this is the first of many more to come.


Sara R.

Lovely! Very nicely knitted, Ivy! Can't wait to see that knitted koala.


wonderful photos and well done to Ivy on such a gorgeous flute case.

i taught my 10 year old son to knit this winter and he's currently knitting a scarf but, on top of that, he learned the loom/french knitting too and proudly announced yesterday that he has now completed 11 beanies this winter gone.....one of which was a class knitting project at school. can ya tell i'm a proud mumma? :)


Well done Ivy!
So looking forward to seeing the koala.
I am the failure in our family where all the women knew how to knit,sew,crochet. I can't even cast on. The lure of a good book was too great!
Sue xx


WOW IVY THAT LOOKS AWESOME and thank you to you and your mum for sharing :) Well done you clever thing!!! and long may you enjoy knitting :)

Cant wait to see your next project :)


Oh my...Ivy is just exuding quiet pride in that first photo! Takes my breath away...

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