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September 10, 2009



You do look amazing!!!!!! I was always like 2 weeks late-and then I passed that lovely trait to my daughter...sigh.....And I did everything short of caster oil!!!!LOL!!! Many good thoughts on a quick and beautiful delivery!!!! Can't wait to see your sweet babe!!! Hugs mama!!!!


Oh!!! Is that one of the skirts you make?LOVE it!!!! You are sooo darn cute!


You look gorgeous Em! I can relate to how you're feeling. I went to 42 weeks with my little girl. I hope your little darling is in your arms very, very soon. All the best!


My mum tried the hill walk thing in the hope of inducing labour before I arrived (she wanted me to be born on her birthday). I was - and remain - uncooperative and late. :) It only took an extra 3 days, though, so crossing fingers you'll be enjoying the new baby soon. Sending you lots of luck + good wishes.


you are so beautiful! it makes me ready to be pregnant again! my first was early and my second was four days late... and those four days seemed like an eternity! but, worth EVERY second of the wait! blessings as your beautiful day arrives!


when your top photo was loading all I saw was someone jumping on a trampoline and my first thought was "she's getting desperate to have her baby!" --totally random but it made me laugh imagining a full term gal jumping!


aww!! you are so adorable... i love the story of frightening the dog by your size :) your baby will be beautiful. and so are you :)

Rebecca Vavic

Sweets... I hope you are managing to get some DEEP SLEEPS in before bubs arrives.
Wishing you a wonderful birth experience.
Much Love

Rebecca Vavic

Hey... funny if your bubs is born on the 13th... our Joshua's 2nd birthday. Yindi and Ben. Josh and ????.... cant wait to meet your little snuggle pie.


I'm pulling for the 12th. My eldest "elephant" turns 19 on this day and it has always been a wonderful, magical day for me.
best wishes for a safe and speedy delivery!

Tanya W

i keep checking in to see if there are cute little baby pictures yet....i remember when pregnant with my son and come my due date each day my daughter would come home from school is he here yet lol, sadly he went 9 days over which must have seem forever for her lol, but she was very happy when he did finally arrive and so excited to get the day off school to met him....good luck hope you have a nice easy birth


You look gorgeous! Best wishes with the delivery. Can't wait to see the pics of baby #3. XOXO

Jennifer W.

wow, Emily, you look amazing...so beautiful and womanly! can't wait to hear this baby's name.


You look beautiful! I am so excited about winning the class. thank you so much. Hope all is well and easy delivery!

Bina :)

Made it safe...Miss you heaps... going to make cheesymite scrool to cheer me up :)
XXX :)


such goodness. (is it possible that i could be craving a cheesymite scroll by the fire now even if i haven't the faintest idea what one is? sounds so comforting) enjoy the last phase of this pregnancy - you're doing amazing. can't wait to hear about your little one's arrival soon. warm blessings and wishes.


Angie D in Ohio

Oh my gosh... now that is pregnant. Can't wait to see the new one.... take care and I hope this birth will be easy and peaceful.



Dear Emily, I am glad you were able to spend time with your dear friend. I wish you and your family much aroha [love] as you wait for the arrival of your new little one. I hope he or she comes soon!

Petrina McDonald

you look gorgeous - here's hoping you are welcoming your new little one right now .... enjoy :)


i am waiting with such anticipation to hear about your new little one :)

Laura Reaux

Em, you look beautiful! :) It is so nice spending time with close friends. I hope your little one comes soon for you! xoxo


Your friend is very pretty. Does she have a boyfriend?

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