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October 05, 2009



My body. I need to be kinder and gentler with it. I need to give it the good stuff, to make it healthier.

Fabulous question.


My work. How blessed I am that, as a single mother, I can provide for my family.


My and my family's health. I'd been complaining so much this year about superficial things when i realized that I should just be so thankful to enjoy my family and to do it in health!

Jennifer C

That everything I think I know will always be. That just because i have a blessed and charmed life, it can be taken away in a moment. To love the details. The clean air. The handmade hairties in my daughters' hair. The star wars drawings by my son. The way my cats bath each other in the sun. The way my husband manages to compliment me every day. Living in a country where I have my freedom.


I was walking through my friends garden today and there was one of those plants. I straight away thought of YOU! and TAra! I probably woudlnt have even noticed it were it not for Tara;s pic. Funny. You should post pictures of random things like hairbrushes and grapes and bubbling lentils and Ill be able to think of you all day!


I love this question...it's really got me thinking! Thanks!

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