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October 12, 2009



Love it...and Denise..I ADORE your blog...but for some reason it wont let me comment.....But I always have really nice gushy things to say!!!! many hugs!!!!


when i close my eyes and imagine that, i've got a babe strapped to me thanks to some sort of baby-carrier and i'm humming softly while knitting away.


I don't belong to the 52-Q group; that being said I have loved your art since discovering it through Creating Keepsakes magazine. In answer to the question, I see myself listening to music that I love or that my daughter loves and singing with her at the top of our lungs!
Have a great day!

Vickie Coonfare

I haven't joined the 52Q group but I have been following your questions. I like your art and find your blog quite interesting. To answer the question, normally I'd say art. I think what it boils down to is when inspiration comes together with what I'm doing and I recognize it's a moment from my Creator! It's incredible to have that aha moment.


Just beautiful!


cough cough .... excuse me but shouldn't this be question 40? or have I missed one out totally? hahaha



I was wondering where 40 was too?????


this is a great question. and somehow I can't find the answer to it right now, just trying to hang onto my sanity and get through the daily grind, somewhere along the way I lost this part of myself. and that's probably tmi.


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