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October 19, 2009


Tina Seus

...at the moment my idea of a relaxing holiday is a place where someone else is taking the dirty dishes after my meal... In the daily life with (only)2 children it is mostly my job ;o) - and I love it sometimes.
A big hello from germany, Tina


My favorite holiday is my wedding anniversary. My favorite vacation is anywhere with my family. :-)


my favourite holiday is our annual trek to the gold coast for our wedding anniversary (with the kids, as they were part of our ceremony)... and Christmas... only 66 days left, in case you were wondering :)


maybe you could do a little walk in the dark with a torch and some spooky/fairytale surprises in the garden? (a decorated pumpkin, dad wearing a white sheet, candy, a few handmade elves and a black cat?)


btw my favorite holiday is Sinterklaas, it's the Dutch gift giving holiday early december. I love to make handmade gifts, write funny poems to go with the gifts, AND get some gifts in return!


LOL - this is awesome! I laughed out loud when you said that is how Ivy saw you. I think I saw my mom like that too when I was little!

Kim Lennon

we had a few trick or treaters around in glen forrest over the years but not too many - i don't think its really caught on here in our neck of the woods - our boys are keen on doing it but not too sure about the whole thing!! glad you're finding the time to create!!

Sue McGettigan

How about inviting your neighbours (or Ivy's school friends) for a dress-up Halloween tea party - BYO basket of treats to share? If there are no pumpkins to decorate (wrong season down there in W.A.) how about bobbing for apples (yummy, and fun!). I just saw THE cutest little teacup treats here - http://planningwithkids.com/2008/08/21/tea-cup-biscuits/
and you can get all those ingredients right where you are! Ivy and Yindi could make those in a heartbeat after you chop up the musk lifesavers :) Happy Halloween!

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